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  • Veggies for Fall

    People typically think about growing their own vegetables and herbs in the spring and summer, but there are plenty of edibles for the fall season as well!




    - One of the most giving vegetables you can plant

    - Plant a gourmet blend of lettuce from seed or purchase lettuce plants

    - Snip the lettuce leaves for a tasty salad and more leaves will grow quickly for meals to come



    - Spinach is a nutrient powerhouse

    - Prefers sun but is one of the few vegetables that can tolerate partial sun

    - Use fresh spinach in everything – from salad to pizza!



    - Grow kale not only for eating, but also for the amazing texture it adds to the garden

    - Kale has a nutty flavor unmatched by other cool season edibles

    - Use home-grown kale in fall soups, stews and try making kale chips with different seasonings



    - Tasty and diet-friendly, cabbage only has 15 calories per cup.

    - Plant green or red cabbage in the garden for great round bundles of goodness

    - Harvest when the cabbage head is nice and firm.



    - Plant broccoli in a sunny area and keep it evenly watered

    - Broccoli is versatile and can be used as a healthy snack, in soups, salads or even used in pesto



    - Pick cauliflower heads when they are 6 to 8 inches in diameter and are firm, white and tight.

    - Cauliflower is great for veggie trays, but get creative and try roasted cauliflower or use it as a rice substitute



    - Sometimes called "blood turnips," beets provide a punch of nutrients to a meal and are a Southern favorite

    - The leaves of beets can be cooked or simply tossed in a salad

    - Beets are better known for their bright red root that is often pickled



    - Whether used fresh, cooked or dried, onions are a staple in nearly every type of cuisine.

    - Planted as bulbs, choose from white, yellow or red onion bulbs in a variety of sizes


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