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    Plan your garden for year-round blooms. Choose plants that bloom in all for seasons. There's nothing better than to look outside on a gray, winter day and see flowers blossoming. It can really lift your spirit.

    Pansies brighten our gardens from fall to spring. They are a tough winter blooming annual. Plant them in containers and annual beds. They come in a wide variety of colors - primary colors like blues, yellows, and reds, pastel pinks, buttery yellow, and bicolor flowers too.





    Helleborus also known as Lenten Rose is an evergreen perennial with beautiful large dark green foliage topped with white, or pink blooms. They grow best in a shady spot with well-draining soil and are an easy, low-maintenance plant.






    CamelliasĀ are an evergreen shrub/ The sasanqua Camellias bloom first starting around Thanksgiving and blooming through the first of the year. Then the japonica Camellias bloom on through spring. There are many different varieties of Camellias in varying shades of white, pink, and red.





    Take a look in your garden, could you use more color? These beautiful blooms will do the trick! And, it's a great time to plant now. When you plant in fall and winter your plants have time to establish a healthy root system before the heat of the summer comes. Add pansies to your pots or beds, start a drift of Helleborus under your oak tree, and plant a Camellia as a focal point you can see from your kitchen window.


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