Moon Gardens

Create your own unique and festive display to celebrate the fall season. These eye-catching heirloom pumpkins will be topped with living succulents! These displays are great Halloween AND Thanksgiving accents.

What You'll Need:

- Heirloom Pumpkin (or any pumpkin of your choosing)

- 6-inch Plastic Saucer

- Floral Wire

- Spanish Moss

- Reindeer Moss

- (3) 2.5 - 3 Inch Succulents 

Step 1:
Take 3 floral wire stems (14 inches long) and cut into 2-3 inch pieces. You'll end up with 12-15 pieces. Bend them into U shapes, like a hair pin. (See Step 3&4 picture for comparison)

Step 2:
Cut a slit into a 6 inch plastic tray.


Step 3 & 4:
Slide the plastic tray around the pumpkin's stem. Using 2-3 U-shaped floral wire pins, pin the tray to the pumpkin


Step 5:
Stuff Spanish moss under tray and around the edge, letting a good amount hang down the sides of the pumpkin.


Step 6:
Place succulents in the plastic tray. At the soil/roots pin the succulents to each other . Don't pierce the plants' leaves.


Step 7:
Flip up some of the Spanish moss to conceal the soil & roots; pin into place. Add reindeer moss and pin into place. Make sure plastic tray is covered.


Step 8:
Water by spraying the base of the succulents with a spray bottle set to deliver a direct stream; 5 times per succulent, and voilà!

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