Ladybug Party Kid's Craft


Ladybug Kids CraftKids will have fun making and planting a pot inspired by a ladybug.You'll need a 4 inch terra cotta pot for each child. Older kids can help paint the pots red. For younger groups of kids, paint the pot with red spray paint ahead of time. Have each child place black Velcro dot stickers on the side of their pot to resemble the spots on a ladybug. Then, they can plant an annual flower in the pot. Red Gerbera daisies are a great choice.


Shopping List

4 inch terra-cotta pot

Red spray paint

Black Velcro Dot stickers

4 inch flowering annuals (Red Gerbera daisies, Red begonias, or Red petunias)

Pike's Potting Soil

Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer