August Shade Container

Shade Garden

Outdoor Project - Shade

Project Time: 60 minutes

Brighten up a shady nook on your porch, patio or front door with a container garden. This container garden perfectly blends flower power, interesting foliage and texture and uses color repetition. In about 30 minutes you can create this shade-loving container garden. 

Shopping List

1 – 14 inch Terracotta Low Pot
1 – Dragon Wing Begonia
1 – Caladium
1 – Asparagus Fern
1 – White Mexican Heather
1 – Bag Pike Potting & Container Soil
1 – Bag Dr. Earth Root Zone fertilizer


A. Dragon Wing Begonia
B. Caladium
C. Asparagus Fern
D. White Mexican Heather