Blueberries - Choosing, Planting and Care Tips

Here are some great ideas for choosing, planting caring for Blueberries.


Blueberries are a great shrub that provides year-round interest in the garden

  • SpringBeautiful, little white bell-shaped flowers
  • Summer - Plump, juicy berries
  • Fall - Foliage turns a stunning reddish purple depending on the variety
  • Winter - Blueberries are a deciduous shrub - the leaves fall off in winter to expose cinnamon brown stems

When choosing your blueberries you should try to get two different varieties

  • Planting different blueberry varieties helps them cross pollinate which will mean a more abundant blueberry crop
  • Also, having different varieties means you’ll get blueberries at different times and get berries that taste different

Planting your blueberries is easy

  • Plant your blueberries in an area that receives full sun or partial sun
    • This is an area that receives at least 6 hours of sun, preferably in the afternoon
    • Blueberries love acid soil so make sure to amend the native soil with Pike Azalea, Camellia, and Gardenia Soil at a 50/50 ratio
    • Today we’re going to plant our blueberries in a pot using Pike Potting and Container Soil
    • Fill the pot about half way with Pike Potting and Container Soil
    • Add a handful of EB Stone Sure Start to the potTake your favorite blueberry, remove it from its container and place it into the center of the pot
      • This will give the plant added nutrients and prevent transplant shock
    • Next, fill in around the plant with more Pike Potting and Container Soil and tap the soil as you’re doing this to remove any air pockets
    • Lastly, water your blueberry thoroughly so the water goes all the way down to the roots

Caring for your new blueberries is easy

  • Make sure to keep your blueberry watered
    • The soil should be just moist to the touch
    • Be sure to feed your new blueberry with an acidic, organic fertilizer like EB Stone Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food
    • Simply take a handful of the fertilizer and spread it around the top and work into the soil a bit
    • Water thoroughly


Blueberries are easy-to-grow and will reward you with healthy, sweet berries.