How to Choose a Christmas Tree

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Look for a tree that is kept in a shady, protected area. Un-covered trees get too much direct sunlight, which dries them out. It’s also convenient for you, while you’re shopping (protects you from rain and wind). All Christmas trees at Pike Nurseries are in a covered greenhouse.

Look for a tree that has been kept hydrated. At Pike Nurseries, we give all our trees a fresh cut before placing them in the stands with water. The fresh cut opens pores on the trunk, allowing it to absorb water and keep the tree hydrated to slow down needle-drop.

The Christmas tree should have a healthy green color. When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should hold fast and be flexible. A Christmas tree with stiff and brittle needles is too dry and will turn brown and drop needles very quickly.

Inspect the tree from all angles to make sure it is uniform and there aren’t broken branches. At Pike Nurseries, you can explore our Christmas tree forest where all the trees are in stands, so you can see them from every angle.


Life-Like Christmas Trees

For those who are looking for a re-usable option that they won’t have to replace every year, life-like trees have really come a long way in look and quality. When choosing a life-like tree, consider the following.

  • Tip Count: A higher tip count means the tree will be more realistic-looking. Our 7.5 foot life-like trees have between 900 and 1200 tips!
  • Types of branches: Are the branches hinged or hooked? Hooked branches have to be attached individually to the trunk, takes much longer to set up, and can’t be pre-lit. Hinged branches are permanently attached to the trunk, making setup, take-down and store much easier. All Pike Nurseries’ life-like trees have hinged branches.
  • Lights: A pre-lit tree is easier to set up. An higher light count means a more brilliant display. Also consider light type – LED lights are longer lasting and energy efficient. Also consider mult-function lights, for more variety in your light display. All life-like trees at Pike Nurseries are pre-lit with LED lights.
  • Warranty: All Pike Nurseries’ life-like Christmas trees have a 10-year warranty on the tree and a 3-year warranty on the lights..

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