Christmas Cedar Garland

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Handmade and beautifully tied consisting Western Red Cedar. Our garland is of the finest quality and appearance and is PRE-DIPPED which provides for that extra shelf life. Sold by the foot.

Measurement Guide: 

  • Door Single - Dimensions 3.5 x 7.5 feet = 19 feet of garland needed
  • Mantel - Dimensions 6 x 7 feet across = 16 feet of garland needed
  • Staircase - Dimensions 8 foot ceiling = 14 feet of garland needed
  • Staircase - Dimensions 9 foot ceiling = 16 feet of garland needed

Tip: For a lush, magazine look double the garland

$1.89/each 1.89
Donut Type
SKU /Item# 185
Special Uses Fragrant
Foliage Color Green


Use Wilt Stop - Christmas Tree and Wreath. This ready to use spray will prevent your cut greens from drying out. This product is all natural and non-toxic and will extend the life of cut evergreen trees and boughs.

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