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Kamado Joe

People using a Kamado JoeKamado Joe brings  you extreme versatility - not only can they be used for grilling and smoking, but pizza can be cooked on a pizza stone and bread can also be baked! From the excellent heat retention properties of the ceramic shell,  the precise control of airflow (and thus temperature) afforded by the vent system and lump wood charcoal, Kamado Joe can also be used to roast and bake anything that can be roasted or baked in a traditional oven. 

Exceptional Quality
Kamado Joe grills are built to withstand the most demanding climates and still look good. Intense heat, high humidity or below zero temperatures–it doesn't matter. The ceramic grills are made with a proprietary blend of high fired heat-resistant material glaze. The hardware is constructed of 304 stainless steel, powder coated 304 stainless steel, powder coated galvanized steel or powder coated cast iron. Finished bamboo is used for the wood accents for durability and a touch of aesthetic beauty. Other ceramic grill companies use galvanized steel, painted cold rolled steel and cypress, which chips, rusts and turns gray after a few years.

Exceptional Value
Kamado Joe grills include everything you need in the box at a very competitive price. Ceramic grills sold elsewhere sell everythin separately, which ends up costing you more. When you choose Kamado Joe you're getting the most for your money. When you buy a Kamado Joe it includes:

  • A Cast Iron Cart with Locking Caster Wheels
  • An Extra Large Thermometer
  • Finished Bamboo Side Shelves that Easily Flip Up and Down
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate
  • A Grill Grate Gripper Tool

  Air Flow through a Kamado