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Fall is the Best Time to Plant

Plant now for summer color next year!

Summer Perennials & Grasses

Summer Perennials & Grasses
Stock up on summer perennials now for gorgeous color next summer! Fall is a great time to plant stunning perennial flowers such as rudbeckia and echinacea because the soil is still warm and the air is cool, allowing tender new roots to grow strong.

summer perennials clearance

Gorgeous, cool season blooms!

Pansies & Violas

Now is the time to plant colorful, long-lasting pansies and their cold-hardy, miniature cousins violas. Try 'ColorMax' violas for abundant blooms, slightly larger than traditional violas. Plant now for copious color fall, winter and into spring. Full to partial sun. 4 Inch Pot 1.49

cool wave pansies

Cool Wave® Pansies
This fast-spreading, long-lasting annual trails to fill garden beds, hanging baskets and container with cheerful color through winter and into spring! Spreads up to 2.5 feet with blooms from the center of the plant to the tips. Plant in full sun. 4 Inch Pot Reg. 4.49
SALE 2.97


These stunning spikes of flowers come in nearly every shade under the sun! These annual beauties are durable and will last through the winter and into spring. They the perfect 'thriller' in mixed containers and also make a great backdrop to your garden beds. 4 Inch Pot 4.49

osmanthus tea olive

Osmanthus Tea Olive
In bloom now! This large evergreen can be a shrub or pruned as a small tree; grows up to 10 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide. Use in hedges or privacy screens. Enjoy tiny fragrant flowers now and in spring. Plant in full to partial sun. 3 Gal. Pot 24.99

knock out roses

Knock Out® Roses
The South's most popular landscape roses. They rebloom spring through fall, reaching about 4-5 tall and wide. Their striking full blooms maintain an upright habit and happen to be the most disease resistant roses available. Plant in full sun. 3 Gal. Pot 29.99

rebloom azaleas

ReBLOOM® Azaleas
Delight your outdoor space with large blooms in spring, summer and autumn along with year-round glossy green foliage. Choose from blooms in shades of pink, red, purple, white and more. Grows to be around 2-3 feet tall and wide. Plant in partial shade. 3 Gal. Pot 32.99

Houseplants for a Cozy Home


Decorate for fall indoors with striking foliage in rich multi-colors like red, green, black, yellow and more. Choose from unique varieties like 'Mammey' and the timeless favorite 'Petra'. Place in bright, indirect light. Starting at 12.99

This easy-to-care for trailing plant features gorgeous green foliage in different shades of green! Pothos looks delicate and pretty in hanging baskets or on a shelf. Easy to grow, simply water regularly Low to medium light. Starting at 12.99


Loved for its graphic split leaves, this tropical vining plant is the perfect addition to any home! Make sure to give ample space for the Monstera to stretch its leaves. Place in high, indirect light. Not pet-friendly. 10 Inch Pot 39.99

fiddle l

Fiddle-Leaf Fig
This popular, leafy beauty is a crowd favorite! The large, glossy violin-shaped leaves provide texture and visual interest to your home. The perfect complement to your indoor oasis. Place in bright, indirect light. Starting at 49.99


This easy-to-care for houseplant is perfect for beginners! Its thick and durable foliage is very similar to a succulent - needs very low maintenance and water to thrive. Its thick leaves come in yellow and white stripes - it can fit any style of décor. Place in low to medium light. 6 Inch Pot 16.99

bird of paradise

White Bird of Paradise
This stunning tropical houseplant adds elegance with bold textural leaves. Their height add a dramatic flair to any space - they grow to be 6 feet or taller! Place in medium to bright, indirect light. Starting at 49.99

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Houseplant Essentials

potting soil
Pike Potting & Container Soil
This ready-to-use soil with organic fertilizer has wetting agents to prevent it from drying out. Perfect for outdoor and indoor containers. 8 Qt. Bag 5.99
bonide liquid plant food

Bonide Liquid Plant Food
Bonide Liquid Plant Food is specifically formulated for the unique needs of common indoor houseplants, such as orchids, succulents, ferns, and poinsettias. Mix 1/8 tsp of concentrate into one quart of water. 8 Oz. Bottle 6.99

indoor pottery

Indoor Pottery
Give your new plant baby a gorgeous new home! Choose from many different styles, sizes and colors to fit your home decor. Selection varies by location.

Fall Garden Essentials

potting soil

Pike Potting & Container Soil
This ready-to-use soil with organic fertilizer has wetting agents to prevent it from drying out. Perfect for outdoor and indoor containers. 1.5 Cu. Ft. Bag 12.99

planting mix

Planting Mix
Amend our dense clay soil with all-natural planting mix to improve aeration and drainage to allow tender new roots to grow quickly for strong, healthy plants. 1.5 Cu. Ft. Bag 9.99

dr earth root zone

Dr. Earth Root Zone
Formulated to feed all transplants, vegetable garden plants, both summer and winter plants, in containers or in native soil found in your yard. It is best used when planting seeds or transplanting anything into a new container or at home in the garden. 4 lb. Bag 11.99

solar lighting

Solar Lighting
Brighten up your outdoor oasis day and night with gorgeous, solar-powered artistic light. Choose from a large selection of orbs and garden stakes. Many different styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Selection varies by location.

Outdoor Oasis

kamado joe grills

Kamado Joe® Ceramic Grills
Get Football-ready with some outdoor grilling this weekend with the versatile Kamado Joe! Smoke, sear, grill and even bake. It comes with all of the tools you need to get started. Includes:

  • Stand with locking wheels
  • Grill grate and ash tool
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Divide & conquer cooking system with heat deflectors
  • Patented slide-out ash drawer for easy cleaning

    Starting at 499 for Joe Jr.

Kamado joe charcoal

Kamado Joe Charcoal®
Dense wood is painstakingly roasted in outdoor ovens to create superior, all natural lump charcoal that burns longer and gives your food amazing flavor. 20 lb. Bag 24.99

gardens to go

Gardens to Go
Looking to add some quick color to your outdoor space? Our gorgeous gardens to go are the perfect option for you! With options for sun or shade, there is a style for everyone! Selection varies by location. Starting at 39.99

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