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The Joy of Fall Gardening

garden mums

Garden Mums
These quintessential fall flowers sports domes of rich autumn-colored blooms in orange, yellow, red, and lavender that are sure to bring a smile to you and your neighbors. Display on their own or mix-and-match with other flowers in your pots. Multiple sizes are available to create a festive fall entryway, patio, and porch. Impress your neighbors with 11-inch pots that measure nearly 3 feet across. Plant in full to partial sun. 11 Inch Pot 24.99
Grown locally by the pros at Pike Nurseries Farm


Lantana 'Miss Huff' & 'Chapel Hill'
These perennial lantanas will charm you and all the butterflies in your garden year after year. The clusters of small blooms will last until first frost, giving you long-lasting fall color. Miss Huff reaches 4-6 feet tall and wide, so give it space to thrive; Chapel Hill Yellow is a spreader - growing 18 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide. Waterwise and deer resistant. Plant in full sun. 1 Gal. Pot Reg. 12.99
SALE 9.99


This delicate-looking perennial is one tough cookie! You - and the pollinators in your garden - will love the clusters of blooms in fall shades of deep pink, red, yellow, and orange that sit above fern-like foliage. Great for planting now as they will continue to flower until the first frost. Grows 2-3 feet tall and wide - a great backdrop for annuals in your garden beds or in front of larger shrubs. Also, makes a great cut flower! Deer resistant. Plant in full sun. 1 Gal. Pot 12.99


Enjoy this Southeast native perennial now through late fall! Coreopsis will grace your garden year after year with their bright yellow, orange, pink, or red blooms. Durable and versatile - they're very heat tolerant, and love fall's cooler temperatures. They attract butterflies and bees to your outdoor space, and their seeds attract birds in the fall. Great for garden beds and as a cut flower for fresh arrangements. Waterwise and deer resistant. Plant in full sun. 1 Gal. Pot 12.99


Echibeckia & Echinacea
Two stunning perennials! Echinacea is the classic Southeastern native also known as coneflowers. They bloom in a large variety of colors like red, yellow, purple, white, and more - perfect for the fall! Rudbeckia + echinacea = echibeckia! These hybrids have the fast growth of rudbeckia with the disease resistance of echinacea. Their flowers start with a red-ringed center that slowly fades to yellow. Both echibeckia and echinacea are in bloom in late spring through the first frost. They are deer resistant, waterwise, and attract birds and pollinators to your garden. Plant in full sun. 1 Gal. Pot 14.99

pike planting mix

Pike Planting Mix
Amending our dense clay soil is a must for root development. When planting in the landscape, amend your native soil 50/50 with our all-natural planting mix to ensure proper drainage and aeration, and to give your new plants a healthy foundation to thrive.1.5 Cu. Ft Bag

dr earth fertilizers

Dr. Earth® Organic Fertilizers
Pike's employee-owners trust Dr. Earth's line of certified organic fertilizers at home in their own gardens! Use Root Zone when planting anything to jump-start root growth and prevent transplant shock. Annual Bloom gives your flowers extra nutrients for more abundant blooms. 4 lb. Bag 12.99

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Shrubs for Fall

encore azaleas

Encore® Azaleas 'Bonfire' & 'Majesty'
A Southern garden must-have! Encore® azaleas rebloom spring, summer, and fall - perfect for one last show of stunning blooms for the upcoming fall season. There are over 15 different varieties of these hardy, cold-tolerant, evergreen shrubs with blooms in shades of pink, red, white, and more. 'Bonfire' sports rich crimson red blooms and 'Majesty' sports purplish- pink blooms. Plant both in full to partial sun. Plant sizes differ by variety. Selection varies by location. 3 Gal. Pot 39.99

limelight hydrangeas

Hydrangeas 'Limelight Prime' & 'Little Lime'
Two gorgeous panicle hydrangeas! 'Limelight Prime' is a new variety of the classic 'Limelight.' You'll enjoy their blooms earlier, for an even longer blooming season. Their large cone-shaped flower heads start off as a bright green and fade to a creamy chartreuse color. Grows 4-6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. 'Little Lime' is a dwarf variety of the 'Limelight' hydrangea. They are in full bloom through early fall. Their panicle flower heads start off as soft green and then fade to creamy white, and then are tinged with pink in the fall. Grows to be 3-5 feet tall and wide. Plant both in full to partial sun. 3 Gal. Pot 39.99

gardenia august beauty

Proven Value Shrubs
This collection of easy-care, classic shrubs was assembled by Pike's plant experts to help you boost your curb appeal and create a stunning landscape. These tried-and-true options are budget-friendly, and the 3-gallon pots help you get an established, grown-in look more quickly. Choose from Gardenia 'August Beauty', Loropetalum 'Ruby', Indian Hawthorn 'Snow', Holly Compacta and Carissa, Cleyera, Japanese Anise, Ligustrum 'Waxleaf', and Leyland Cypress. 3 Gal. Pot 21.99

Live Outdoor This Fall

patio furniture

Nadine Swivel Basket Chair
You'll enjoy the cooler temperatures in this stylish throne of comfort. Crafted from resin wicker that is weather-resistant and made specifically to last outdoors. Includes a comfortable, plush cushion made from fade-resistant Sunbrella® fabric. Cushions are available in tan and red. 849.99

patio furniture

Terra Dining Set
Dine in style al fresco! Spring chairs offer a light rocking motion and their curved backs provide comfort and support. Mid-welded for greater strength and to ensure your clothes don't get snagged. Frames are electrostatically primed to resist corrosion, chipping, scratching, and UV damage. Powder-coated to resist rust and weather damage. 875.00


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