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Uplift with Color

pink vinca cora

Vinca Cora

These resilient annuals are the perfect choice for Southern gardens. They thrive in the heat and humidity. Vinca Cora are very easy to care for and are super disease resistant great for garden newbies. Their flowers bloom in shades of red, pink, white and lavender. Great in containers, garden beds and window boxes. In bloom now through fall. Plant in full sun.

3.5 inch Pot 1.99

vinca cora cascade pink and light pink in basket

Vinca Cora 'Cascade'

These heat lovers feature the same striking star-shaped blooms you know and love but with trailing habit. Their flowers cascade atop green, glossy foliage, making them a wonderful spiller in mixed containers or in hanging baskets. you can find their blooms in vibrant shades of pink, red, white and more. Plant in full sun. In bloom now through Fall.

4 inch pot 4.99

Indoor Color

pink and purple african violets

African Violets

Add a pop of color to your indoor space! These delicate beauties produce bright clusters of white, blue, purple, pink and bi-colored flowers that sit atop fuzzy dark green leaves. Great for offices, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are also pet-safe! Place in bright, indirect light.

4 Inch Pot 5.99

a pink and green bromeliad


These dramatic houseplants will enchant you with their fun, strappy foliage and colorful birds' nest centers. Pike's huge assortment of pet-safe bromeliads come in happy yellow, pink, orange, purple and more. these tropical beauties love the humidity great in bright kitchens and bathrooms. Water when soil is dry to the touch and place in high, indirect light.

Starting at 19.99

green and light green calatheas


These gorgeous, easy-care houseplants are safe for your curious pets! Shop several varieties that feature unique shapes, colors and patterns. Their undersides sport an eye-catching eggplant color that will stand out amongst your other greenery. Selection varies by location. Place in medium light.

Starting at 19.99

Time to Fertilize

dr earth root zone purple bag

Root Zone

Use when planting to prevent transplant shock and jumpstart root growth for strong, healthy plants.

4lb bag 14.99

dr earth annual bloom pink bag

Annual Bloom

Use to give summer annuals a boost of essential nutrients for more abundant blooms.

4lb bag 14.99

dr earth homegrown green bag


Use to provide nutrients for your summer veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and more for a more bountiful harvest!

4lb bag 14.99

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