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Saber Grills

Saber® Grills
A Better Barbecue™…Experience

Saber® grills cook with 100% infrared heat locking the natural juices and moisture into food. Unlike traditional gas grills, Saber grills use a patented cooking system that vents convective air away from the cooking surface so you’ll enjoy juicy, tender meat. The heat is evenly distributed to eliminate hot or cold spots on the grill. Flare-ups are eliminated and foods cook more quickly and efficiently.

Every Saber grill has an electronic ignition at each burner plus a redundant “carry-over” ignition system that ensures a reliable and safe start. You can cook on a Saber grill quickly; grills heat from 0 to 700F in 10 minutes or less. The grills are constructed from 304 stainless steel for added strength.

Saber grills are the only gas grill to receive the “Green Award”. The grills use up to 50% less fuel in the cooking process than traditional gas grills, thereby substantially reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions over the life of the product.