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    Cultural Information
    Choose a sunny location with some means of support. Three or four strands of wire strung horizontally and securely fastened to posts is all that's needed.

    1. Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball.
    2. Using Pike Planting Mix, mix one part natural soil and one part planting mix.
    3. Make sure the top of the original root ball is one inch above ground level.
    4. Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
    5. Water in with Liquinox B1.

    Fertilize to get more healthy growth and larger yields of berries.
    1. Feed monthly with E.B. Stone Fruit, Berry and Vine Food.
    2. Use a spring and fall application of an iron supplement.

    Maintain evenly moist soil throughout the entire growing season. Don't allow plants to dry out.

    Winter is the best time to prune berry bushes. As the berries ripen, yellow jackets, wasps and birds can sometimes be a problem. Place yellow jacket traps around the garden to reduce their numbers. Netting will help protect from bird damage.

    Year One
    Relax - no pruning needed.

    Year Two
    Select the strongest canes and drape them over the support wires. Tie with plastic plant tie-tape if needed. In summer allow new canes to develop. Don't tie them up, just let them trail along the ground.

    Year Three
    Remove all canes that are on the wire trellis and replace with the canes that were produced the previous season. Cut old canes off at ground level.

    Repeat year three pruning each year.

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