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    Codiaeums, more commonly known as crotons, are the perfect plant to celebrate fall with their colorful foliage and varying leaf forms. Use crotons alongside of mums and pumpkins for a festive fall display.

    Crotons prefer humid, warm conditions. They can be outdoors from spring through fall but will need to brought inside for the winter months. Bring them inside when outdoor temperatures and your homes temperature is about the same, typically mid-November, and they can go back on the patio in early April. Plant crotons in pot to make it an easy transition. Outdoors crotons prefer dappled light and plentiful water. When inside, place them in a sunny window and watch them thrive.



    Fabulous Croton Varieties

    Croton ‘Petra’
    The most commonly known croton that is the perfect mix of gold, orange, rose and green tones. The large leaves make it a full, stunning plant.


    Croton ‘Freckles’
    A medium leaf “freckled” with red, pink, yellow, green or more. The leaves at the top are primarily green with yellow fleckles and as you go towards the bottom of the plant it has more amber tones.


    Croton ‘Gold Dust’
    A great plant for those that love green and yellow. The bright green foliage is 1-2 inches wide and is dusted with gold/yellow spots.



    Croton ‘Brasil’
    The shape of the foliage is just as interesting as the color. The large leaves are shaped like an arrow and many have a strip of sunshine yellow down the middle.


    Croton ‘Iceton’
    ‘Iceton’ is the pinkest of the crotons. The medium to large leaves are a blushing mix of pink and peach outlined in a deep purple-green color with new growth popping at the top in a fresh green.

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