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  • Deck the Halls with Fresh Garland

    The look and fragrance of Garland made from fresh evergreens hanging from your doorways and draping over mantles really makes it feel like Christmas. Carry this handy chart with you that gives the typical dimensions for different areas of your home.

    Types of Fresh Garland

    • Cedar Garland is the easiest type of fresh garland to use for the mantel since it is relatively flat and spills over the edge of mantels.
    • Mixed Cedar Garland is a very nice garland that has blue juniper berries mixed in. This is the fullest garland.
    • Fraser Fir is slightly thinner than cedar garland, most Christmas trees are Fraser fir so this garland ties in well with the trees for a consistent look and adds that wonderful Christmas tree smell.  If you have an artificial tree consider using fresh Fraser fir garland in your home to bring in the fragrance of Christmas.
    • White Pine is a thin garland with a very traditional look. It is soft and easy to wrap around mailbox poles, columns and banisters. Its also the most economical garland.

    Quick tip: For a fuller look, especially when using  White Pine and Fraser Fir Garland, which tend to be a little thinner, double up the garland. Tie it together with wire or twine. Then, add fresh cut evergreens, berries and pinecones from your garden to the strand of garland using florist wire.

    How to Keep Garland Fresh:The key to keeping greenery fresh is maintaining moisture in the stems and leaves of the plant. When you get your garland home soak it in water overnight by completely submerging it in a large galvanized tub or your bathtub. Once the greenery has soaked overnight, spray it with an anti-transparent like tree preserve. Plants lose water through their stems and leaves during a process called transpiration. By using an anti-transparent, these pores are sealed and water loss is minimized. Wait a few hours after treatment before you begin decorating. Then, Deck those Halls! 

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