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    Cultural Information
    Fuchsias prefer a cool, moist environment. They can tolerate some direct sun but are best under an overhang in southern gardens.

    Fuchsias are divided into three forms - trailing, semi-trailing and upright. Trailing forms are ideal for hanging baskets. Semi-trailing can be grown in container gardens or in the ground. Uprights are best in large container gardens or as a background in shade gardens. They can also be trained on trellises, trained as columns or even as a small patio tree.

    When planting in containers, use Pike Potting and Container Soil. The potting soil will hold sufficient moisture, but also has good drainage.

    If using fuchsias as a landscape shrub, be sure to plant with Pike Planting Mix.

    1. Dig a hole twice the width of the root ball.
    2. Combine one part natural soil and one part planting mix.
    3. Place a small handful of E.B. Stone Sure Start in the bottom of the hole and incorporate into the soil.
    4. Make sure the top of the original root ball is at ground leve;.
    5. Water thoroughly; just until run-off appears.

    Fertilize every one to two weeks with Grow More Super Bloomer during the growing season.

    Keep soil moist and never allow to dry out. During extremely hot weather, misting them during the day will help keep them cool and raise the humidity.

    Fuchsias bloom on new growth. Pinching off the growing tips in early spring will encourage new lateral growth and more blossoms.

    Spider mites and aphids are the two most prevalent insect pests. Spray with Bonide Rose Rx 3 in 1 at the first sign of trouble.

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