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Garden Designs

DIY Ideas for planting a garden with specific purpose or style.
  • Patriotic Garden

     Full Sun Project This mailbox garden will show off your patriotism. It’s designed with easy-care red, white, and blue summer flowering plants.  Bed is roughly 8 foot by 6 foot triangular Project Shopping List:  1 - ‘Black and Blue’ or ‘Cobalt Blue’ Salvia - 1g 1 - Red Mandevilla 1 - 10” 3 - Agapanthus [...] Read Full Article
  • Deer Resistant Garden

     Full Sun Project Oh dear, do you have a problem with deer in your yard? This border is full of beautiful blooming shrubs and perennials that deer do not prefer. Keep in mind that while deer do not prefer these plants, if a deer is hungry enough he will eat almost [...] Read Full Article
  • June Shade Garden

     Shade Project This shade garden is full of textures and colors, beautiful flowers and striking foliage.   The garden is approximately 12 feet by 8 feet. Project Shopping List:5 – Hostas 3 – Astilbe 3 – Hakonechloa 1 – Hydrangea 5 – Caladium 3 – Heuchera 4 – Pike planting mix (bags) 1 – Sure start ( box) 6 – Mulch [...] Read Full Article
  • Salsa Garden

    Full Sun Project Project Time: 3 hours Enjoy fresh salsa straight from your garden this summer. Plant a veggie bed with tomatoes, peppers, onions, chives and cilantro. Experiment growing different types of tomatoes. If you like chunky salsa choose smaller tomatoes with less juice like Super Sweet 1—or Roma. For juicier salsa plant [...] Read Full Article
  • Butterfly Garden

     Full Sun Project This small garden is packed full of beautiful flowers that you will love and the butterflies will too! This garden provides host plants for caterpillars (parsley and dill) and flowering plant for food sources. Add a shallow bird bath or saucer with water for added appeal. The garden is approximately [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Flowering Garden

    Full Sun Project Project time:  6 hours This beautiful summer blooming bed provides tons of color, attracts birds and butterflies, and is full of excellent long lasting cut flowers. Shopping list: 1 - 3 gallon Limelight Hydrangea 2 - 1 gallon 'Cobalt Blue' Salvia 4 - 1 gallon Russian Sage 3 - 1 gallon Coreopsis 3 - 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Griller's Garden

    From your garden to your grill to your plate. This garden plan is designed with the grill master and foodie in mind. Enjoy fresh herbs and veggies all summer long. This garden is approximately 12 feet wide and 15 feet long.   Full Sun Project Project time: 8 hours Prep your bed by [...] Read Full Article
  • Ladybug Garden

    Full Sun Project Project time: 6 Hours Ladybugs are beneficial insects. They eat bugs like spider mites and aphids that feed on our garden plants. Encourage ladybugs to come to your garden by planting some of their favorite plants.This garden is designed with ladybugs in mind. It is approximately 10 feet long and [...] Read Full Article
  • Foundation Garden

    Full Sun Project Add some curb appeal out front. This front foundation garden has year round interest. The plan includes evergreen shrubs that bloom in all four seasons. They are smaller varieties that will not need to be pruned to stay below your picture window. The bed is approximately 30 feet long [...] Read Full Article
  • Mailbox Garden

    Full Sun Project This garden is designed to add beautiful color with foliage and flowers to the mailbox bed from fall through spring. This garden is approximately 9 feet long and 6 feet deep. Shopping List:   2 – Pansy flats (18 per flat) 3 – Perennial Euphorbia (variegated varieties like ‘Glacier Blue’ or ‘Ascot Rainbow’) 6 – Ornamental [...] Read Full Article
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