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Gardening A-Z

  • Vegetables for Fall Planting

    There are many edible plants that grow best in the cooler fall weather. Try your hand at growing a second crop of cool season vegetables in your garden and pots. The key to success is planting edibles in well amended soil that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight.   Lettuce Lettuce is [...] Read Full Article
  • Succession Gardening: Plants for every season

    One of the best parts of a garden is watching is come into bloom each season. Succession gardening can help you achieve a blooming garden all year, by filling your garden with plants that bloom at different times of the year.   Succession Gardening When you create or are adding to your landscape [...] Read Full Article
  • Boxwood: American vs. English

    Boxwoods have been part of American landscapes since the mid-1600s and continue to be a landscape favorite. Widely used in formal and cottage gardens they are a clean, traditional shrub used for edging walkways, creating a hedge and even container gardens. Boxwoods have rich green year-round foliage and can be [...] Read Full Article
  • Flowering Vines - Garden Romance

    Who doesn’t love a romantic garden?  A garden where flowers billow over paths, leaving almost no room to pass. A garden where flowers seem to come at you from every side; where you’re surrounded with the fragrance and sight of blossoms draping from arbors, arches and pergolas. Who doesn’t long for [...] Read Full Article
  • The Secrets of Southern Perennials

    It’s best to think of perennials as “featured attractions.” Superstars that make a glorious entrance, steal the spotlight, then disappear for beauty rest before their next big show.  Perennials are some of the easiest plants to grow, but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, perennials are “permanent” plants, although their lifespans can vary from 3-5 [...] Read Full Article
  • Choosing the right fountain for your garden

    What Fountains Provide Still water—in birdbaths, ponds and small containers—provides a sense of calm, peace and reflection in gardens. Fountains, on the other hand, contribute something quite different: action, movement and sound. They also provide aural focus, taking the mind off distractions outside the garden, bringing attention into the immediate space.   Types [...] Read Full Article
  • The Basics of Gardening Tools

    “The workman’s as good as his tools” applies to gardening as much as anything else. The nice thing, however, is that garden tools aren’t expensive and you don’t need many. A small collection of basic tools will serve you well and you can add to your arsenal as your gardening [...] Read Full Article
  • Deadheading, why is it important?

    To deadhead is to remove the spent flowers from plants—removing the “dead heads”. This accomplishes several things. First, it creates a tidier, cleaner plant appearance. Second, deadheading stops seeds from forming, redirecting the plant’s energy into producing more flowers or more plant growth. This also eliminates unwanted seedlings from sprouting in the [...] Read Full Article
  • 4 Good Bugs for Your Garden

    Help keep your garden in check with these good bugs that will help keep away the bad bugs that hurt or eat your plants   1. Ladybugs Besides being fun to discover and beautiful to look at, Ladybugs are great for getting rid of “bad bugs.” They feed on aphids, mites, scale, thrips [...] Read Full Article
  • Home-Grown Caprese Salad

    Enjoy the fruits of the garden with this easy to make fresh, bite size caprese salad. The perfect appetizer or salad for summer cookouts.   Ingredients Sweet 100 or Cherry Tomatoes Fresh Basil Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Olive Oil Fresh Cracked Pepper Toothpicks   Directions Pick the cherry tomatoes from your garden, or in a bind cherry tomatoes from the store, and [...] Read Full Article
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