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    My hydrangeas suffered with the heat again this year as well as last. My question is ... Can I cut them back as I do my roses?



    Different types of hydrangeas need to be pruned at different times of the year depending on if they bloom on old growth or new growth. Those that bloom on old wood (the previous year’s growth or older) should only be pruned immediately after flowering. Varieties that bloom on new wood (this season’s growth) should be pruned before they start to leaf out in early spring or when they are going dormant in fall.

    Many hydrangeas that bloom on new wood will flower consistently throughout the summer. If you think your hydrangeas bloom on old wood, let the blooming period be your guide. Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood characteristically start flowering in early summer and stop flowering (except for some sporadic flowers) by mid-summer. These hydrangeas form next year’s flower buds in late summer or early fall. So that you don’t remove these buds, prune just as the flowers begin to fade. The sooner you prune after flowering is complete, the quicker the shrub can recover to produce more and larger flower clusters next year.

    If you’re not sure what type of hydrangea you have or if it’s blooming on old or new growth bringing a clipping from the plant or a picture to your neighborhood Pike Nurseries and we can help you out.


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