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Pike Nurseries, Lindbergh

2410 Camellia Lane NE
Atlanta, GA 30324 Get Directions

Phone: 404-869-2875

Store Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 8am – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Located in the Lindbergh/Morosgo neighborhood in southern Buckhead, this store opened in 2007 and is part of Lindbergh City Center. The center, which includes a MARTA rail station, was planned to provide "a 24-hour atmosphere" for living, working and playing.

The area offers the best in commercial and residential properties. The Peachtree Hills community, with its eclectic, craftsman-style bungalows, is just one of the tree-shaded neighborhoods near the store.

Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, the Lindbergh store has just what you need to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Allison and the staff her are so friendly and so efficient in taking care of the plants. Keep up the good work.

-Buddy, Atlanta, Georgia

Hummingbird Gardening

Hummingbird GardeningSaturday, July 26 at 9am

Bring life and movement to your garden by attracting hummingbirds. Learn the basics of hummingbird gardening during this free class. 

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Summer Garden Care

Summer Garden CareSaturday, August 9 at 9am

Keep your garden looking great in the heat. Learn what you should be doing in your garden during this free class.

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Gardening in a Small Space

Saturday, August 23 at 9am

Maximize your garden even in a small area. Join us for a free class to learn about small space gardening.

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Free Garden Talks

Pike Nurseries offers free Garden Talks for your local organization.

Pike Nurseries offers free garden lecturers and classes to local garden clubs, homeowners associations and other members of the community. We'll come to your meetings and give a garden lecture on a wide range of gardening topics.  

Please click HERE if you would be interested in one of our Free Garden Talks.

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