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  • Organic gardening tips

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    Composting is one of the most earth-friendly activities you can do.  If you don't want to compost yourself, you can buy compost that is made right here in Georgia:

    Foothills Compost 
    An organic compost created using food residuals and yard/wood trimmings from local businesses.

    The rich compost improves soil texture, helps the soil retain water, suppresses plant disease and prevents soil erosion in addition to enhancing plant growth.

    Certified Organic Vegetables and Herbs
    There has never been a better time to grow your own organic vegetables and herbs
    Just last week there was a recall on packaged lettuce since it may have been contaminated with salmonella.

    Pike Nurseries has a full line of certified organic vegetables and herbs from Organiks
    Planting certified organic vegetables and herbs gives you the peace of mind that what you are giving your family is safe.

    Home-grown vegetables and herbs also taste better and will save you money at the grocery store.

    Organic Fertilizers
    Pike Nurseries carries a complete line of organic fertilizers from EB Stone.  The fertilizers are granular so they are easy to use.   There are tons of options to choose from, like:

    EB Stone Sure Start - add while planting to reduce transplant shock and help with root development

    Tomato and Vegetable Food - apply every 2-3 weeks while they are growing

    One of the best, most earth-friendly things you can do in your garden is apply mulch. Mulch is a natural product that offers some great benefits.  It helps the soil absorb and hold moisture so your garden is more water efficient.

    Mulch slowly decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil.  Apply about 1-2 inches of mulch throughout your garden.

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