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Partial Sun Gardening

DIY Ideas for Partial Sun areas of your home and garden.
  • June Partial Sun Container

     Partial Sun The combination of flower and foliage color is what makes the plants in this spring/summer container garden work together in harmony. The purple in the angelonia flowers is repeated in both the rex begonia and setcreasea. The neon green alternanthera offsets the purple color repetition just enough to make [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea paniculata

    No garden should be without Hydrangeas, don't you think? But, you might say, I have no shade, so I can't grow hydrangeas. While, it's true that the traditional blue mophead Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) require shade, there are some types of Hydrangeas that grow best in a sunnier spot. The Hydrangea [...] Read Full Article
  • Late Winter Container Garden

    Full to Partial Sun Project Brighten up winter days with this colorful container garden. Bold colors of Primrose are the star while ferns and ivy add foliage texture. Recipe: A – Autumn Fern B – Primrose C – Algerian Ivy   Shopping List: 1 – 12- 14” container 1 – 1 gallon Autumn Fern 4 – 4” Primrose 2  - 4” [...] Read Full Article
  • Miniature Evergreen Garden

    Partial Sun Project Create this miniature garden planted with slow growing, low maintenance, dwarf evergreen plants to provide color, texture and interest in your garden year-round.   Shopping List: 1 - Bowl 18 - 24 inches wide (be sure the bowl has drainage  holes) 3 - Dwarf Evergreen shrubs (We carry a variety of evergreens [...] Read Full Article
  • Cool Season Container

     Partial Shade Project time: 30 minutes Who says winter can’t be colorful? Plant this striking container now and enjoy the vibrant colors through spring. The centerpiece of the container is the Red Twig dogwoods bare striking red branches. The dogwood is supported by Bergenia, Heuchera, Lonicera, Acorus and Carex, which all have [...] Read Full Article