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    Royal Beauty Orchid Full ShotCultural Information
    The elegant but easy phalaenopsis is a great houseplant. Flowers can last 6-8 weeks on spikes of just a few flowers to breath-taking sprays of 20 or more. As the plants mature, more spikes develop. A mature, well-cared-for plant can sustain 2-3 spikes with up to several hundred flowers.

    Most orchids grow in the tropics and either reside on the jungle floor or live high in the jungle canopy. Dappled filtered sunlight is all that's required. Avoid direct hot sun. Humidity is another important factor, placing your plants on gravel-filled trays or saucers that are kept filled with water will increase the humidity around the plants.

    1. Select an orchid pot size that'll fit the plant snugly. Orchid pots are manufactured with many air holes to allow for maximum air circulation around the roots.

    2. Fill pot with premoistened E.B. Stone Orchid Bark.
    3. Remove any dead or rotting roots from the plant. They appear brown and flattened. Pull away all old potting mix.
    5. Place the orchid in the pot and fill in with more E.B. Stone Orchid Bark. Firmly tap the potting media around the roots, making sure the crown of the plant isn't buried.

    For optimum growth and blooms, orchids benefit from bi-monthly feedings while they're actively growing. Use Grow More Orchid Fertilizer 20-10-20 every two weeks.

    Ample water should be given when the plants are actively growing, but during their dormant cycle, water just enough to keep the plants from shriveling.

    Repotting: Repot when the potting medium has decomposed and is retaining too much moisture. If the plant has filled the pot to overflowing - then it's time to move to a larger pot.

    Pruning: Prune dead leaves, old flower spikes and shriveled buds.


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