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Care for your plants just like the pros! With these helpful guides from Pike Nurseries, learn the best planting and care tips for your lawn or garden.


African Violets |  Asparagus |  Azaleas |  Bearded Iris |  Blackberry, Boysenberry & Raspberry | Blueberries | Camellias | Crape Myrtles | Fuchsias | Gardenias | Grapes | Houseplants for Healthy Living | Hydrangeas | Magnolias | Phalaenopsis Orchids | Roses | Squash, Cucumber, Melon & Pumpkin | Succulents | Tropical Hibiscus
  • Bare-Root Strawberries

    How to plant bare-root strawberries: In the ground Choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Trim the roots of the strawberry plants with scissors to 6 inches right before planting. Space your plants 2 - 3 feet apart in rows, leaving a foot in between the rows. Dig a hole for each plant. Mix [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulents

    Succulents continue to grow in popularity for their low to nearly no-care garden beauty. These plants are characterized by their ability to store water in their leaves or stems making them the perfect choice for hot, dry weather. Most succulents grown in the South are annuals and are typically planted in [...] Read Full Article
  • Crape Myrtles

    Cultural Information Get a bold pop of white, pink, lavender, purple or red in your summer landscape with crape myrtles. These easy-care trees thrive in our southern heat and humidity and bloom for 2-3 months. In the winter they add interest to the landscape as their smooth, outer bark exfoliates to [...] Read Full Article
  • Houseplants for Healthy Living

    Houseplants are most commonly used to add color and life to homes and offices, but there’s an even better reason for homeowners to stock up on flowers and ferns – to keep their homes healthy. Recent NASA findings under the Clean Air Study have discovered that adding houseplants to indoor [...] Read Full Article
  • Blueberries

    Blueberries are a plant that truly works overtime—gorgeous, dainty, white bell-shaped flowers in spring; succulent, healthful, and beautiful berries in summer; knockout colorful foliage in the fall; and graceful golden stems in winter. How’s that for a year-round giver? Blueberries provide year-round color in the garden and are a great shrub [...] Read Full Article
  • Squash, Cucumber, Melon & Pumpkin

    Cultural Information Squash, cucumber, melon and pumpkin all have the same basic growing requirements. They perform best in warm soils in full sun that are rich in organic matter and well-drained. Some varieties like zucchini squash are very prolific and start producing fruit at an early age while pumpkins and melons require [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardenias

    Cultural Information Gardenias intensely fragrant, creamy white flowers make it a sought after flowering landscape shrub. The flowers are offset by glossy dark green leaves that are present year-round (evergreen). Gardenias prefer sunny areas and warm temperatures. Planting 1. Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball. 2. Using Pike [...] Read Full Article
  • Blackberry, Boysenberry & Raspberry

    Cultural Information Choose a sunny location with some means of support. Three or four strands of wire strung horizontally and securely fastened to posts is all that's needed. Planting 1. Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball. 2. Using Pike Planting Mix, mix one part natural soil and one [...] Read Full Article
  • Bearded Iris

    Cultural Information Irises are one of the most rewarding and easy-to-grow bulbs, performing best in full sun. Soil should be well drained. Plant bearded iris bulbs in the fall for spring blooms. Blooms first appear in April and, depending on the varieties, irises continue to bloom into summer. Today there are many [...] Read Full Article
  • Tropical Hibiscus

    Cultural Information Tropical hibiscus plants are easy-to-grow plants that thrive in the summer heat and humidity. Tropical hibiscus will not tolerate the cold so if you plan on keeping the tropical hibiscus, plant them in a pot so it can winter indoors. Planting 1. Choose a pot that is twice the width of [...] Read Full Article
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