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Timely tips and ideas throughout the year to inspire you and help you succeed while Playing in the Dirt!
  • Hot Stuff

    Hot Stuff Peppers - How Hot are They? The Scoville Scale, named for it's creator Wilbur Scoville, measures the heat of peppers and other spicy foods. Some peppers such as bell peppers are quite mild with nearly no heat, while others like the Banana pepper have a mild amount of heat. Want [...] Read Full Article
  • Blueberries in the Garden

    Blueberries in the Garden Four Seasons of Beauty   There are many reasons to grow blueberries. The berries are delicious whether eaten fresh from the garden or used in tasty recipes. Blueberries also have many great health benefits. In fact researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Center have ranked blueberries number one in [...] Read Full Article
  • Connecting the Dots: Ladybug Fun Facts

    Connecting the Dots: Ladybug Fun Facts These little bugs have a big reputation in the gardening world!   Beneficial Bugs: Because Ladybugs are natural enemies of aphids and other pesr insects, many gardeners and farmers use them for organic pest control instead of chemicals. Little Bug, .Big Appetite: A single ladybug may eat as [...] Read Full Article
  • Plants that Attract Ladybugs and Other Beneficial Insects

    Plants that Attract Ladybugs and other beneficial insects Why would you want to attract ladybugs to your garden? Ladybugs are beneficial insects, or good bugs. They eat bad bugs, the pest insects like aphids, thrips and spider mites that feed on your garden plants. A single ladybug can eat over 5,000 [...] Read Full Article
  • New for 2014

    New for 2014   Introducing... Dahlia Dalaya, Coleus Kong Jr., and Hydrangea Bloom Struck.  Gardeners look forward each season to find something new to grow, a new prized plant to plant in their gardens. And, each year growers introduce new varieties of plants. This year brings three exciting selections.   Dahlia Dalaya is sure [...] Read Full Article
  • Determining Cold Damage

    Determining Cold Damage The record breaking freezing temperatures this past winter caused damage to many plants that make it through most winters unscathed.  Some of the damage was immediately apparent. The fleshy stems of the aloe in the photo to the left, showed severe damage within the first 24 hours. All turgidity [...] Read Full Article
  • Take Your Pick

    Take Your Pick - Apples, Peaches and Plums Oh My! Imagine walking in your backyard and picking a plump and juicy peach from your own tree. Or, making an apple pie with apples you grew yourself. Growing fruit trees is easy and very rewarding - not only do you get to [...] Read Full Article
  • Welcome in Spring with Senetti

    A Punch of Color to Draw You Outdoors. Kick-off spring with a burst of Senettis. These brilliant flowers are available in shades of blues, pinks, and purples and even bi-colors. Senettis make great container garden flowers. Blooming from late winter to late spring, they love cool, wet weather. They can even tolerate temperatures [...] Read Full Article
  • Signs of Spring

    Signs of Spring   It's that time of year when we start to see signs of spring, and we get excited for the season to begin. The Witchhazels, Camellias, Edeworthias, and Helleborus are blooming away. left to right: Witchhazel, Camellia, Edgeworthia, Helleborus While the Japanese Pieris, Forsythia and Quince are heavily budded and [...] Read Full Article
  • New Roses for 2014

    New Roses for 2014 We can all 'Jump for Joy'  because we have new roses to choose from in 2014! While you can't go wrong with the classics like 'Mr. Lincoln', 'Queen Elizabeth', and 'Iceberg' or workhorse roses like the Knockouts, it's fun to find new varieties to plant in your [...] Read Full Article
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