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Playing in the Dirt Blog from Pike Nurseries

Timely tips and ideas throughout the year to inspire you and help you succeed while Playing in the Dirt!
  • Happy Hummingbirds

    There's something so exciting about seeing hummingbirds in your backyard. They are beautiful as they dart around from flower to feeder. The dance they perform is unlike any other backyard bird. Attracting them to your garden is fairly easy. You'll have the most success if you hang feeders and also provide [...] Read Full Article
  • Celebrating Hydrangeas

    We love this time of year when the hydrangeas are blooming like crazy! The traditional blue mophead and lacecap hydrangeas kick off the show followed shortly behind by Oakleaf and Panicled varieties like Tardiva. There's no better way to celebrate the hydrangea than by cutting a few blooms to bring inside [...] Read Full Article
  • Fertilizer Basics

    Fertilizer basics Pick up a box or bag of fertilizer and you'll notice three numbers. Like, 10-10-10 or 15-30-15. Those numbers represent the ratio of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K) that are in that bag or box of fertilizer. So, in a bag of 10-10-10 you have an even [...] Read Full Article
  • Pruning - the May Rule

    Knowing what needs to be pruned and when is a question we are asked from gardeners all the time. It can be confusing and even scary when you think about it. You wonder am I pruning at the wrong time; am I going to keep my plant from blooming? There's [...] Read Full Article
  • Ladybugs

    There are many reasons to love Ladybugs Ladybugs are members of the beetle family. Legend has it that the name ladybug came from European farmers, during the middle ages, who prayed to the Virgin Mary for help when their crops were being destroyed by insects. Ladybugs came and ate the harmful [...] Read Full Article
  • 10 Commandments of Grilling

    10 COMMANDMENTS OF GRILLING FOR A SEASON OF SIZZLE Celebrate the Grilling Season with these Ultimate Tips and Tricks A day of playing in the dirt can really work up an appetite, and there’s nothing better than enjoying a tasty, hot-off-the-grill meal. To kick off the season of sizzle, we’re here to [...] Read Full Article
  • 10 Easy Herbs to Grow

    Growing herbs is easy and fun. Whether you grow a few herbs on your kitchen window sill or have a raised garden bed dedicated them, you will find the rewards of growing your own herbs both on your plate and in your wallet. Walking out into your garden and snipping a little [...] Read Full Article
  • Strawberries

    Scrumptious Strawberries It's strawberry season! This time of year we celebrate our strawberry harvests by making wonderful desserts, salads, drinks and smoothies with this delicious fruit. Growing your own strawberries is easy and harvesting the plump juicy fruit will be the real treat. Whether you're topping your morning cereal with them [...] Read Full Article
  • Butterfly Gardening

    Creating a garden that attracts butterflies is easy and fun for the whole family. Beautiful butterflies add life and vibrant color to your garden as the flutter around from one bloom to another. Creating a habitat that attracts butterflies involves just a few basic things. Provide them with food, shelter [...] Read Full Article
  • Shady Ladies - Coral Bells

    Just because your backyard is shady, don't think you can't create a beautiful and colorful garden. Heucheras, commonly known as Coral Bells are shade perennials with fabulous foliage and spring flowers.  Whether you plant them in your garden beds or mix them into your shady containers, you will love the wonderful [...] Read Full Article
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