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  • Prepping your garden in later Winter for big rewards in Spring and Summer

    A Little Effort Now, Big Rewards Later

    There are little things you can do in your garden now that will pay off soon.  Here are a few tips: 

    • There are many flowering trees and shrubs that have buds that will soon burst into bloom
    • Now is the time to cut several branches from these trees and shrubs, bring them indoors and place them in water
    • The branches will bloom faster indoors since the temperature is warmer
    • Here are some great tree & shrub branches to cut now:
    • Forsythia
    • Spiraea
    • Fruiting Trees
    • Saucer Magnolia & Star Magnolia
    • Quince


    Apply Pre-Emergent Now for A Weed-Free Lawn Later

      • Apply a pre-emergent like Pike Crabgrass preventer now, before lawn weeds germinate
      • This will prevent lawn weeds come spring
      • However, if you plan on reseeding your lawn in March, don't apply a pre-emergent now 


    Prep Your Beds Now for Healthy Gardens Later

      • The best investment you can make in your garden is the soil
      • Now is the time to get your garden beds ready for spring
      • Our Georgia red clay is very dense, so it's hard for roots to grow and get the nutrients they need
      • Amend your soil at a 50/50 ratio of the native soil to Pike Planting Mix
      • If you are preparing a garden for vegetables, fruits or herbs, add in a rich compost
        • Mix the native soil, Pike Planting Mix & Foothills Compost in equal thirds

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