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    Indoor Project

    Give your home or office a touch of style with a terrarium. This colorful terrarium mixes the blooming kalanchoe, interesting pink and white foliage while the blue fescue and scotch moss add different textural elements creating  visually pleasing arrangement. This terrarium has an extra flare of personality with the decorative, hand-painted mushroom.


    Shopping List

    1 – Glass Terrarium Bowl
    1 – Decorative Mushroom
    1 – Pink Polka Dot Plant
    1 – Kalanchoe
    1 – Blue Fescue
    1 – Scott Moss
    3 – Dragons Blood Sedum
    1 – Bag of Pike Potting & Container Soil
    1 – Bag Rock
    1 – Bag Charcoal


    Recipe List

    A – Shroomy Decorative Mushroom
    B – Pink Polka Dot Plant
    C – Kalanchoe
    D – Blue Fescue
    E – Scotch Moss
    F – Dragons Blood Sedum


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