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Browse Pike Nurseries' Spring inspiration gallery to find ideas to beautify your landscape or garden.

  • Country Garden Effect

    Who says a planter has to be a pot. Paint a favorite watering can in a bright enamel paint and plant it very simply for a country garden effect. This one’s planted with a pink-flowering oxalis.

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  • Succulent "Potscape"

    Create a small “potscape” in a low planter of any type using your favorite selection of succulents. Make sure it has drainage holes, however.

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  • Happy Container Garden

    This cheerful pot sings spring! Viola, English primrose, Pagoda columbine, and Acorus combine in a happy container garden. Photos courtesy Proven Winners.

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  • Edibles

    Why not mix edibles into your flower borders? Here, marigolds are combined with red leaf lettuce, golden oregano, nemesia and scented geraniums in a wonderful cottage garden border.

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  • Cottage-Style Garden

    Just about anything goes in a casual, cottage-style garden. The key to success? Abundant planting. Everything must mesh, intertwine and spill. The more colors, the merrier. Here, a humble, antique wheelbarrow is used as a container and planted spectacularly as a focal point.

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  • Success by Excess

    Nothing succeeds like excess. Planting in masses is a time-honored technique. Clipped green shrubs punctuate a mass planting of pink wax begonias edged white white-flowering ones.

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  • Containers

    Containers of all types look best when they’re overplanted. Here’s a bold mixture of strong spring colors: hot pink English daisy, bright yellow English primrose, Pagoda columbine and Kalipso euphorbia. Photo courtesy Proven Winners.

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  • Textures and Colors

    Don’t banish edibles behind the fence or to the far back of the yard! Give them a starring role by playing with textures and colors. The beautiful rosettes of butter-leaf lettuce are alternated with deep red/bronze leaf lettuce.

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  • Low-Care Garden

    For an easy, low-care garden, concentrate on foliage color and texture for interest. The bold leaves of hostas are tucked in among evergreens in various shades of green and gold. The white variegated dogwoods in the rear give the planting a light airy feeling. The fern gives textural interest.

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  • Stunning Simple Plantings

    Sometimes simple plantings are the most stunning. Pink floribunda roses peek through a beautifully detailed fence with lavenders and salvia evenly spaced. Chartreuse lady’s-mantle gives the simple planting some visual kick.

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