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  • Easter Container Garden

    Full Sun Project Project time: 30 minutes or less Make a statement on your brunch table with this easy Easter container garden. It is super quick and easy to put together. Start with an Easter or spring wreath. Choose a container with an opening the same size or slightly smaller than the wreath’s [...] Read Full Article
  • Planted Easter Basket

    Full Sun Project Project time: 30 minutes Plant an Easter basket, it makes a great centerpiece or gift. Use a mix of colorful flowers and foliage. Choose bright colors that match your Easter eggs. Add green sheet moss to the soil for a finishing touch. Add a Happy Easter sign and Egg Decorations [...] Read Full Article
  • Late Winter Container Garden

    Full to Partial Sun Project Brighten up winter days with this colorful container garden. Bold colors of Primrose are the star while ferns and ivy add foliage texture. Recipe: A – Autumn Fern B – Primrose C – Algerian Ivy   Shopping List: 1 – 12- 14” container 1 – 1 gallon Autumn Fern 4 – 4” Primrose 2  - 4” [...] Read Full Article
  • Silver & Purple Container Garden

     Full Sun Project Plant an explosion of purple and silver! The flowers and foliage work in harmony to create this unique container garden for the sun.    Shopping List 1 – Glazed Pot 20 Inches 1 – Licorice Plant 1 – Vinca Cora 1 – Coleus (sun variety) 1 – Penta 1 – Moses in a Basket 1 – Bag [...] Read Full Article
  • August Shade Container

     Shade Project Brighten up a shady nook on your porch, patio or front door with a container garden. This container garden perfectly blends flower power, interesting foliage and texture and uses color repetition. In about 30 minutes you can create this shade-loving container garden.   Shopping List 1 – 14 inch Terracotta Low Pot 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Succulent Garden

     Full Sun Project This full sun succulent container garden is actually 4 container gardens in one. Starting with a large low bowl, then stacking smaller containers on top. The string of pearls succulents give the cascading effect of water in a fountain. Have fun mixing containers and planting different textures and [...] Read Full Article
  • Blooming Now - Coneflowers

    Echinacea purpurea - Coneflower   Well... Purple coneflowers aren't just purple anymore!  This perennial has long been loved by gardeners, florists, butterflies and hummingbirds for years. And now there are so many beautiful new varieties to choose from in various flower colors and shapes. Echinacea prefer a full sun spot and are quite [...] Read Full Article
  • July Shade Container

     Shade Project Full Shade Container garden project. This full shade container garden is full of striking foliage in different textures. Tropicals Cordyline and Pothos are mixed with traditional shade favorites Caladium and ivy to create a garden full of soft and bold hues that will thrive in your garden all summer [...] Read Full Article
  • The Basics of Container Gardening

    Container Gardening is a great way to add a focal point to a big space or allow for gardening in a small space.  Here are some tips for choosing plants, planting them and caring for the plants in the container. Container gardens are just as unique and diverse as gardens. There [...] Read Full Article
  • Modern Succulent Bowl

     Indoor Full Sun Project This modern indoor arrangement is a indoor full sun project that is easy to maintain. Place this succulent and air plant arrangement near a sunny window away from hot direct afternoon sun.   Shopping list: 1 - Glass bowl 1 - Bag of Ground charcoal 1 - Bag of potting soil 1 - Bag of Black [...] Read Full Article
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