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  • All You Can Carry Pumpkins

    Every year its so much fun to watch everyone who comes into our Pike Pumpkin Patches take the All You Can Carry Pumpkin Challenge. The challenge is... you can buy all the medium sized pumpkins you can carry at once for just 19.99! Have you taken the challenge? Tell us how [...] Read Full Article
  • Glitter Pumpkins

    Project time: 45 minutes Add some sparkle to your holiday decorations with glitter pumpkins. Create glitter pumpkins in the colors of the season, gold, purple, and orange. Or, make them to match your home décor. There are just three steps involved. Head outside and lay down some newspaper or cardboard. Then [...] Read Full Article
  • Painted Pumpkins

    Project time: 30 minutes Painting pumpkins is easy and less messy than carving them. And, painted pumpkins last longer too. This year try painting your pumpkins. Add a scary message, your initials, or your house address. Paint the message on one big pumpkin or use several smaller pie pumpkins to spell [...] Read Full Article
  • Button & Bows Pumpkin

    Project time: 30 minutes Dress your pumpkin with buttons and bows. Choose ribbon in a couple of different patterns and matching buttons. We chose several different patterns in black and white with black buttons. Paint the stem of the pumpkin black. Use a hot glue gun to attach ribbon in rows [...] Read Full Article
  • Power Tool Pumpkin Project

    Partial Shade Project Project Time: 1 hour with a partner Charge your drills or dremel tool, and get ready to reinvent pumpkin carving. You can simply start will one drilled pumpkin or use three to create a topiary to show off your skills. Step 1: Cut the top off of each of your [...] Read Full Article
  • 31 Days of Pumpkins

    31 days of pumpkins... Pumpkin lovers wait all year for pumpkin season. We just can't get enough pumpkins... and they are only here for a limited time! 80% of the annual pumpkin crops are available in the month of October. So let's take advantage of the season and use those pumpkins [...] Read Full Article
  • Black Lace Pumpkin

    Black Lace Pumpkin   Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your pumpkins?   Grab a pair of black lace stockings, drop the pumpkin in the leg of the stockings all the way to the toe.    Cut the fabric leaving extra material above the stem of the pumpkin.    Tie off the top of the [...] Read Full Article
  • Pumpkins: Creative Ideas

    Wondering what to do with your pumpkin this year? Check out our top ten ideas for creative ways to use your pumpkin. 10. Make a Facial Mask: while this may sound a little crazy, pumpkins are rich in vitamins A, C and zinc which are great for sun damaged, dry or sensitive skin [...] Read Full Article