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  • Spring Garden Party Centerpiece

    Full Sun Project Project time: 30 minutes Celebrate spring with a garden party! Invite your friends and family to an outdoor celebration and dress your table with this beautiful flowering centerpiece.  For this project choose a wire basket. Line the inside of the basket with green sheet moss. Overlap the moss to completely cover [...] Read Full Article
  • February Orchid Container Garden

    High Indoor Light Roses are Red and this orchid is too! Create an orchid arrangement for your sweetheart that will last much longer than cut flowers. They will bloom for weeks if not months. The ‘Sharry Baby’ Oncidium orchid, is also known as the Chocolate orchid. It gets it’s name from it’s [...] Read Full Article
  • Mantel Decorating

    The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nick soon would be there. Hanging stockings above the fireplace and decorating your mantel at Christmas time is a holiday tradition. Creating a festive display can be quick and easy. Here’s what you need to achieve this look.   Shopping [...] Read Full Article
  • Festive Holiday Blooms

    High Indoor Light Amaryllis and Poinsettia add festive cheer to your home for the Christmas season with blooms that last and last. Choose a long basket with a liner. Place a Poinsettia on either end and an Amaryllis in the center. Top it all off with a layer of sheet moss and [...] Read Full Article
  • Woodland Centerpiece

    Create a centerpiece for Christmas that is inspired by nature. Place a table runner in the center of the table. Arrange 3 deer in the middle then tuck real or artificial pine branches with pine cones around the deer. Shopping List: 2 – Resin Deer Laying 1  - Resin Deer Standing 3 – Pine Branches [...] Read Full Article
  • Decorating for Christmas

    Decorating for Christmas Decorating your home for Christmas is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Here are some handy tips and ideas to make decorating simple and easy.   Outside Start at the curb. Greet your neighbors with Christmas cheer by decorating your mailbox. Keep it simple by adding a swag or [...] Read Full Article
  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree Christmas is a time of family traditions and it starts with choosing the perfect Christmas tree. Nothing says Christmas like the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Here are some tips for choosing the best, freshest Christmas tree. Purchase a Christmas tree that is being kept in [...] Read Full Article
  • Decorate your tree in 5 easy steps

    Add lights. Use 100 lights for every foot of tree height. String the lights in and out of each branch rather than wrapping them around the tree. The tree will be more full of lights and less wire will show. Add garland. Wrap ribbon loosely around the tree diagonally starting at [...] Read Full Article
  • Thanksgiving Table

    Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas   Looking for something to decorate your table for Thanksgiving? The garden is a great place to start. Pick fall leaves, acorns, pine cones, berries, fruit, herbs, and fall flowers. Here are some ideas to get you started.   Fall Leaves Bundle a group of leaves together and place in several [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall Front Door

    Add the colors of fall to your home by dressing your front door for the season. A few quick and easy touches are all you need for a dramatic transformation. Hang a fall wreath, change your front door mat for one with the colors of the season, add a couple of [...] Read Full Article
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