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  • Fall Indoor Basket Garden - Low Light Idea

     Low Indoor Light The combination of the deep brown wicker basket, the green-orange foliage of the philodendron and the addition of artificial berries makes this low light houseplant arrangement ideal for fall. The baskets works with its color repletion and interesting foliage patterns and textures. Take a sprig of berries and [...] Read Full Article
  • Re-blooming Azaleas

    Re-blooming Azaleas The sight of azaleas blooming has long been a sign that spring is here. Well, azaleas aren't just for spring anymore! If you look around in late summer and fall you will see azaleas blooming again. The Encore Azaleas and the newer Bloom-a-Thon azaleas both bloom in the spring and [...] Read Full Article
  • Shade Gardening: Colorful Ferns

    Ferns in Nature Have you ever been hiking in woods that are densely full of trees and underbrush and walked upon an area that was clear? The tree canopies were high and the floor of the forest was covered with a pallet of ferns? Their beautiful green texture provides such a [...] Read Full Article
  • August Shade Container

     Shade Project Brighten up a shady nook on your porch, patio or front door with a container garden. This container garden perfectly blends flower power, interesting foliage and texture and uses color repetition. In about 30 minutes you can create this shade-loving container garden.   Shopping List 1 – 14 inch Terracotta Low Pot 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • July Shade Container

     Shade Project Full Shade Container garden project. This full shade container garden is full of striking foliage in different textures. Tropicals Cordyline and Pothos are mixed with traditional shade favorites Caladium and ivy to create a garden full of soft and bold hues that will thrive in your garden all summer [...] Read Full Article
  • Celebrating Hydrangeas

    We love this time of year when the hydrangeas are blooming like crazy! The traditional blue mophead and lacecap hydrangeas kick off the show followed shortly behind by Oakleaf and Panicled varieties like Tardiva. There's no better way to celebrate the hydrangea than by cutting a few blooms to bring inside [...] Read Full Article
  • Shady Ladies - Coral Bells

    Just because your backyard is shady, don't think you can't create a beautiful and colorful garden. Heucheras, commonly known as Coral Bells are shade perennials with fabulous foliage and spring flowers.  Whether you plant them in your garden beds or mix them into your shady containers, you will love the wonderful [...] Read Full Article
  • Four Easy Steps to a Beautiful Shade Garden

    As our gardens mature, we find ourselves gardening in more shade. This can sometimes be discouraging as sun-loving plants fail to bloom or become leggy and sparse. When this happens our plant palettes must change. There are plenty of colorful plants that thrive in shady spots and appreciate the cooler temperatures a leafy tree canopy provides. A simple way to think of creating a shade garden is in [...] Read Full Article
  • Shrubs that Make Scents in Winter

    There's nothing quite like opening the door on a late winter day to a decadent aroma coming from the garden. It heralds that spring is near and invites us outside to enjoy our gardens again. As we anxiously look for signs of spring, there are a few shrubs that are [...] Read Full Article