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  • January Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Plant & Transplant: Trees and non-blooming shrubs can be easily planted and transplanted now so they can develop their root system before the Southern summer heat arrives. Wait for a warm day when the ground is not frozen or overly wet. Protect Plants for the Cold. If a freeze [...] Read Full Article
  • December Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Decorate for Christmas. Put up fresh, fragrant wreath and garland and wrap the house in Christmas lights. There’s Still Time. Plant Daffodil bulbs now for spring blooms, as well as Hyacinths, Crocus and Tulips. Prune Evergreen Plants Now. Use Juniper, Holly, Magnolia and Fir cuttings in wreaths, table arrangement and [...] Read Full Article
  • January Gardening Tips

    Even in January you can get out and play in the dirt! Houseplants When the holiday decorations are taken down, fill the void with houseplants. Houseplants come in nearly every size, shape and color Very easy to grow since your house's climate is pretty consistent  Cold Protection Our streak of unseasonably warm [...] Read Full Article
  • Rosemary Cone

    Full Sun Project Plant a fragrant evergreen rosemary cone in a traditional urn and dress it up with rich, red berries for Christmas. Shopping List: 1 – Urn ( 16 – 18 inches wide) 1 – Rosemary Cone 3 – Variegated Ivy 3 – White pansies or violas 2 – Dusty Miller 5 – Stem artificial Holly Berries [...] Read Full Article
  • Mailbox Garden

    Full Sun Project This garden is designed to add beautiful color with foliage and flowers to the mailbox bed from fall through spring. This garden is approximately 9 feet long and 6 feet deep. Shopping List:   2 – Pansy flats (18 per flat) 3 – Perennial Euphorbia (variegated varieties like ‘Glacier Blue’ or ‘Ascot Rainbow’) 6 – Ornamental [...] Read Full Article
  • Succession Gardening: Plants for every season

    One of the best parts of a garden is watching is come into bloom each season. Succession gardening can help you achieve a blooming garden all year, by filling your garden with plants that bloom at different times of the year.   Succession Gardening When you create or are adding to your landscape [...] Read Full Article
  • Prepping your garden in later Winter for big rewards in Spring and Summer

    A Little Effort Now, Big Rewards Later There are little things you can do in your garden now that will pay off soon.  Here are a few tips:  There are many flowering trees and shrubs that have buds that will soon burst into bloom Now is the time to cut several branches from [...] Read Full Article
  • Winter Blooms

    Plan your garden for year-round blooms. Choose plants that bloom in all for seasons. There's nothing better than to look outside on a gray, winter day and see flowers blossoming. It can really lift your spirit. Pansies brighten our gardens from fall to spring. They are a tough winter blooming annual [...] Read Full Article
  • Starting Seed Indoors

    Early February is a perfect time to start seeds indoors. Seeds of peppers, tomatoes and eggplants have a longer germination time. Starting them now will give them plenty of time to establish so they are ready to be transplanted outside as soon as we pass our frost-free date. How to Start [...] Read Full Article
  • Cold Weather Inspiration

    Select seeds for early spring planting. Spend some quiet, relaxed (and dry!) time pouring over Pike’s amazing seed selection of vegetables, herbs, cutting flowers, bedding plants and organic gourmet edibles.     Repot Houseplants. Just the smell of the fresh potting soil will be rewarding on a cold day. Choose a new, brightly-glazed [...] Read Full Article
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