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  • Tips on planting tomatoes

    Tomatoes are fun and easy to plant and they are also economical because they are a lot less expensive than buying them at the grocery store. Here are some tips to help you get going.

    Tips for Planting Tomatoes


    Step 1: Find a Sunny Spot

    Tomatoes and nearly all vegetables and herbs prefer an area that receives full sun or at least afternoon sun. If there's not an area in your garden that receives full sun you can easily grow vegetables and herbs in a pot


    Step 2: Choose Your Tomato

    There are two basic types of tomatoes: determinate & indeterminate.

    Determinate -- All blossoms and fruit develop on the plant at about the same time. Harvest time is short. The plant is self-topping and does not continue growth from the terminal bud.

    Indeterminate -- The terminal bud of an indeterminate tomato does not set fruit, it always produces leaves and more stem from the growing tip. The vine can grow indefinitely if not killed by frost in the fall. The blossoms and fruit develop progressively as the vine grows, so tomatoes in all stages of development may be on the vine at one time and harvest may last several months.

    NEW Mighty 'Mato is a new grafted tomato and yields bigger, better harvests, It's a stronger, more vigorous tomato with improved ability to withstand temperature swings and extremes.


    Step 3: Plant in a Nutrient Rich Soil

    It's important to have a good soil for two reasons: Soil has the nutrients plants need to establish a healthy root system, and good soil will provide the plant with drainage so that it gets enough water but is not sitting in water, which would cause the roots to rot

    In the Garden
    Amend soil with Pike Vegetable and Flower Mix at a 50/50 ratio with the native soil

    In a Pot

    Use a high-quality Potting Mix like Pike Potting & Container Soil

    Tomato Cage

    Tomatoes get large quickly
    Place a tomato cage on your tomato as soon as it's planted


    Step 4: Care

    Watering -- after planting, water plants extremely well.  Thereafter, water only when the soil indicates the necessity of watering. As a general rule of thumb, water your tomatoes often enough to keep the soil cool and moist. It's important to keep tomatoes on a regular watering schedule. Irregular watering can cause the fruit to split.

    Feeding -- Regular feeding is important. We recommend E.B. Stone Tomato and Vegetable Food (100% organic). Apply 6-8 weeks. Dry fertilizer should never touch the main stem and should be lightly cultivated into the soil.

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