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  • Tips on Tomato Plant Care



    Pike Nurseries: 5 Easy Steps to Create A Marinara Garden
    o Nothing can compare to garden-fresh marinara made from your own homegrown vegetables and herbs. It’s perfect for pastas, adds sauciness to chicken and makes a tasty dip for bread.
    o Health Benefits
    o It can be 100% organic
    o Marinara sauce is low in fat and high in vitamins A & C


    Step 1: Choose a place for your marinara garden
    o Area about 2 x 2 feet in size or a few large pots
    o Receives full sun
    o Good Soil

    • Amend soil with Planting Compost
    • Raised garden beds
    • Defines the space
    • Great soil quality
    • Elevated garden is great for children and easier on the back

    Step 2: Choose the plants
    Choose tomato and pepper plants that suit the style of sauce you would like to enjoy.
    o Plant two to three varieties of tomatoes
    o Our Organics tomatoes are a great choice since they are certified organic and have many different varieties
    o Choose mild pepper plants (you don’t want your marinara sauce to taste like salsa)
    o Add herbs like oregano and thyme for added spice

    Step 3: Plant your garden
    o Plant your tomatoes, pepper and herbs.
    o Remember from last week, tomatoes can be planted up to the first set of leaves
    o Add a handful of EB Stone Sure while planting to get your veggies off to a good start

    Step 4: Water your garden
    o Vegetables and herbs need to be watered regularly.
    o The soil should feel slightly moist to the touch
    o You can reduce how often you water by adding mulch to your garden
    o If the tomatoes start to weep you need to water a little more

    Step 5: Enjoy!
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor by experimenting with a variety of homemade tomato sauces.

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