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  • Valentine's Flowers That Last

    Valentine's Day is almost here, but there's something you must know.  If you're planning to give your sweetie flowers, you'll want to make sure they last longer than a few days.  How?

    Orchids come in an array of colors from pure white, buttery yellow, purple and even bright blue
    There are also different types of orchids to give you a nice variety to choose from

    Florist Hydrangeas
    Florist hydrangeas look great now with huge globe blooms
    You can purchase them already wrapped so they're quick and easy to pick up

    Florist Azaleas
    The beautiful pink flowers look like they were made for Valentine's Day

    VIZ Solar Glass
    Great colorful glass sculptures that can be used for garden art
    They are solar powered but still have an on/off switch to ensure they will glow when you'd like them to glow

    Forget about cut roses – get a long-lasting rose bush
    Pike Nurseries has over 50 different types of rose bushes
    The roses aren't in bloom now but they will bloom in spring and for years to come
    The roses come in plantable pots that go right in the ground so they are easy to plant
    All roses are guaranteed for life at Pike Nurseries

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