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  • Working with Container Gardens

    Container gardens are just as unique and diverse as gardens. There are different styles of container gardens for your patio, porch and even for inside your home.

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    The key to container garden success -- drainage. Make sure you pot or container has a whole in the bottom. If it doesn't, create good drainage by adding a good layer of rock.

    We also recommend using some charcoal at the bottom of the container to soak up any extra water 

    Use a good quality potting mix in containers - not a planting mix. Pike Potting & Container Soil is light and nutrient-rich which is essential for container gardens

    Miniature Gardens/Fairy Gardens
    You can create a miniature garden with paths, critters and fairies all within a container garden
    Use 2-inch plants, rocks and other accessories to create these gardens 

    Containers with Houseplants
    Use houseplants like orchids in container gardens for a different look
    Bring the containers outdoors in the summer months since they will thrive in the heat and humidity

    Decorative Elements
    One of the best ways to give your containers personality is by adding decorative elements other than plants. Incorporate items that reflect your personality. You can use bunnies or decorative eggs for Easter, or you can use decorative garden markers.

    Finishing Touches
    The difference between rookie container gardens and professional containers is the finishing touch

    ·    Moss adds color, texture and covers up the dirt to give containers a polished look
    ·    Try using a Spanish moss and draping it over the side of the pot

    ·    Use different rocks and pebbles to cover up the soil
    ·    You can use just one type of rock or use a couple and create different designs
    ·    Protecting Containers from a Late Spring Frost

    The average last frost is the end of March.  If we do get a late frost, container gardens are one of the easiest items to protect. Group container gardens together by your house, and cover with frost cloth, but be sure to remove the frost cloth in the morning.

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