DIY - Itty Bitty Planter

This Itty Bitty planter is very easy to make & perfect for small spaces. 

Indoor Project

Step 1:
Find a spot in your home with bright, indirect sunlight

Step 2: Choose a bowl planter that is 10 to 12-in across

Step 3: Fill the container about 1/2 full with Pike's Potting & Container soil 

Step 4: Mix in a small handful of Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer 

Step 5: Gently remove Itty Bitties from their container & place on top of soil

Step 6: Add more potting soil to fill spaces between plants. 

Step 7: Using one of the empty Itty Bitty pots, carefully sprinkle decorative rock between plants.  

Step 8: Water well 

Care Instructions:
 This planter will grow best in medium to high light. Water when the soil feels dry an inch or two below the surface. Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer such as Bonide Liquid Plant Food. 

Shopping List

      8 - Itty Bitty Plants, choose your favorites 

      1 - Small bag Pike's potting & container soil

      1 - Small bag decorative rock

      1 - small bag Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer

      1 - 10" bowl container


  • A - Neanthe Bella 
  • B - Pilea 'Pan Am'
  • C - Peperomia Congesta
  • D - Pilea 'Baby Tears'
  • E - Hypoestes 'Pola Dot'
  • F - Pilea 'Baby Tears
  • G - Purple Waffle Plant
  • H - Begonia Hybrid

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