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DIY Create a Victory Garden

Creating a Victory Garden

Now, more than ever, growing your own food is important. Plant a Victory Garden with all your favorite vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs. In our history, communities banded together to create over 20 million private Victory Gardens that produced nearly half of the nation's edible food supply during difficult times. Growing things like tomatoes, peppers, squash, strawberries, blueberries and more will give you and your family easy access to healthy food options if you're quarantined, the grocery stores run low or simply to share with family & friends. Additionally, involving children in the process gets them invested in what you're growing - and that interest can help prevent them from becoming picky eaters.

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4 Ways to Use a 4x4 Plot for Your Victory Garden

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Blueberry Fans

Blueberry shrubs can grow large. You can plant 4 shrubs in a 16 square foot space (4 feet by 4 feet). While blueberries are self-pollinating, planting several varieties together will help increase your harvest.

group of blueberries

Strawberry Fanatics

Strawberries grown in the grown will spread out and intermingle to create a carpet of plants. You can plant 25 strawberry plants in a 16 square foot plot and enjoy the plethora of fruit you'll harvest in the summer.

group of strawberries

Pepper Lovers

For a variety of plants within your 4x4 plot, you can mix peppers (sweet and spicy), tomatoes, squash, and herbs together. This plan features space for 3 pepper plants for spice lovers.

Plan of variety plants

Squash Lovers

Here is a slightly altered plan with a different arrangement to make room for more squash plants (which need more space to spread) and fewer pepper plants than option 3.

Plan of variety plants


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