Houseplants are a growing trend in home decor as they add living beauty to your home. But did you know studies have shown houseplants can help relieve stress, boost your mood and help with concentration.

According to a study done by Texas A&M University, having houseplants around your home and workplace can improve not only your creative performance but also problem-solving skills. Additionally, scientists from the University of Exeter discovered that plants can boost your concentration, productivity and well-being by 47%. Further research suggests that houseplants throughout your home and workspace can reduce stress levels, bringing the phenomenon 'biophilia' (a love for nature) indoors.

While we breathe oxygen in and release carbon dioxide, plants are doing the opposite - releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Based on research by NASA, houseplants can remove help remove toxins in the air. Furthermore, houseplants can help regulate humidity in the air through their foliage. So if you're really looking to decrease your humidity look for plants with larger leaves. The more houseplants the merrier.