Set the stage for the holidays with Pike Nurseries florist-quality poinsettias. Choose from traditional red poinsettias along with unique poinsettia varieties in various shades of red, pink, cream, and white that you won't find anywhere else. With so many colors, Pike poinsettias easily work for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's decorating.

Pike poinsettias are planted in July in only the best danish potting soil and are carefully tended to getting just the right amount of water and light. Each poinsettia is hand-pinched so it has a strong stem and a beautiful, full plant. This gives you a poinsettia that will last through the holidays with simple care.

Choose your favorite poinsettia variety and place in an area that gets bright, indirect light in your home or even in protected garden areas. It's best to keep your poinsettia away from heat sources like fireplaced and vents. Keep your poinsettias watered so soil is just moist to the touch; they shouldn't be in standing water.