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Tropical Houseplants

Beautiful Foliage Plants

Tropical Houseplants

Houseplants provide many benefits to the home. They purify the air and filter out everyday irritants, they help keep humidity levels at a comfortable level in the home, and some studies show they increase happiness and help promote deeper sleep. They also make wonderful decorative elements throughout the home and their beautiful foliage lightens up any space. It might seem that most tropical plants require bright, indirect light--but there are many varieties that will do well in a home that has a medium light exposure or that is oriented to face the north or the east. With the right care, these medium-light tropical houseplants can thrive in your space.

a vase of flowers on a table

Tropical Medium Light Houseplants

Click below to see care tips for these beloved plants:

Monstera Deliciosa 

Few houseplants are as dramatic and stately as the Monstera Deliciosa plant. With gigantic, perforated leaves--this plant livens up any space.

Water your monstera every 1-2 weeks deeply, but allow the soil to dry between waterings. Plant your monstera in a well-draining potting mix like Pike Potting and Container Soil, as it contains perlite and other beneficial elements that promote plant health and encourage draining and soil aeration. Keep your monstera out of indirect sunlight, but in a room with medium light exposure. You can feed your monstera once or twice a month during the spring and summer with a well-balanced fertilizer to encourage growth and add back nutrients into the soil.

Monstera plants can easily grow to overtake a space, so using a moss pole or a trellis will help train the monstera to grow within the space you have set for it.

monstera deliciosa plant


Pothos are one of the most beloved of houseplants for their ease of care and their delightful vining properties. These houseplants come in a variety of colors, like the bright green Neon Pothos, the variegated yellow Golden pothos or the white Marble Queen Pothos, the stark Pearls and Jade Pothos or even the sparkling Silver Pothos. With enough time, these gorgeous plants will grow vines that make wonderful statement pieces around your home and can be used to hang off of shelves or even make a 'living' plant wall.

Water your pothos plant every few weeks deeply, and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. The leaves of a pothos will wilt if it is in need of a deep water, and after a good soak, it should bounce back. Keep your pothos in bright but indirect light. Many pothos can do well in low to medium light areas, but some of the variegated varieties will require more light. Use a well draining soil like Pikes Potting and Container soil to promote adequate aeration and drainage. Fertilize once of a month with a well-balanced house plant fertilizer during the spring and summer, or use a slow release granule fertilizer mixed into the soil.

golden pothos


Philodendron plants are a wonderful diverse houseplant. They come in vining form and even bush forms, but in both cases, their stunning foliage will look beautiful in any space. Many of the bushing varieties look distinctly tropical which adds a fun touch to any room.

Water your philodendron every 1-2 weeks when the soil is dry. Water deeply and allow the soil to dry between waterings. Keep your philodendron in bright but indirect light, ensuring there is no direct sun on the leaves as they can burn. Use a well draining soil like Pikes Potting and Container soil to promote adequate aeration and drainage. Fertilize once of a month with a well-balanced house plant fertilizer during the spring and summer, or use a slow release granule fertilizer mixed into the soil.

philodendron plant


Palms are wonderfully large and beautiful foliage plants. Many of them can grow over 8' feet tall in a home and provide a dramatic statement in your space. Their fanning leaves bring a delightful tropical atmosphere into the home. They can be easy to care for if they get the right light and water.

Depending on how humid and bright your home is, you may need to water your palm once or twice a week. Only water when the first two inches of soil have dried out. Use a good potting mix like Pike's Potting and Container soil, and to make it even better, mix in some cactus soil to promote better aeration and drainage. Keep your palm in medium to bright indirect light to promote growth.

Palms can be susceptible to spider mites if there isn't enough humidity in the room or if they dry out. One way to prevent them is to mist your palm daily with water, sit the pot on a tray filled with pebbles and a little bit of water, or keep a humidifier in the room. If you discover spider mites, simply wipe off the leaves with water and dish soap mixture, or Neem Oil, or insecticide like Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew a couple times a week until the infestation is dealt with.

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Dracenas can be one of the most colorful of the foliage tropical medium light houseplants because they come in a variety of color that range from pinks/purples to bright neon yellows. These brilliant tropical plants make wonderful houseplants and can even handle florescent light which is why they are a favorite among office spaces.

Water your dracena when the soil is dry, which typically is every two weeks. Dracenas prefer distilled water as their leaf tips are sensitive to the additives found in tap water. An easy way to do this is to set out your full watering can on the kitchen counter for a few days before you decide to water in order to allow some of those additives to evaporate. Keep your dracena in a rich but well draining potting mix like Pike Potting and Container soil. Fertilize it once a month during the growing seasons of spring and summer.

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