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Known for their fragrance, paperwhites are often associated with Christmas. Grown from bulbs, paperwhites produce small, white flowers that can last up to a month. Plant indoors in mid to late November for Christmas blooms. Paperwhites earned their botanical name, Narcissus, based on Greek mythology. Narcissus, infatuated by his own reflection in a pool, stared at himself until the gods turned him into a flower.
  • Light Needs : Full Sun, High Light Indoors
  • Water Needs : Moderate
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Donut Type
Botanical Name N/A
Brand N/A
Rose Class N/A
Best Seller N/A
Size No
Mature Height 2 Feet or less
Mature Spread 1 ft. or Less
Foliage Color Green
Flower Color White
Bloom Time Winter
Light Needs Full Sun, High Light Indoors
Habit N/A
Special Uses N/A
Landscape Uses Houseplant
Water Needs Moderate
Plant Type Houseplants
Plant Subtype N/A
General Care N/A
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