Senetti 'Blue Bi-color'

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The original group of Senetti® is the most popular group. The varieties in this category all have the following attributes: large blooms, 2.5 inch to 3 inch flower size, a final plant of 2ft in height and width. Senetti’s® can be grown in 10 inch to 12 inch sized pots. Senetti’s® are very tolerant to changing weather conditions and hence they make ideal patio plants. Senetti® plants can have as many as 200 blooms in a 10 – 12 inch pot at its maturity and are safe to place outside once night frosts have passed. Once blooming is nearly over you can cut the plant to remove all the dead flowers. Re-blooming will occur in 3 – 4 weeks. For best results replant into fresh pot and media.
  • Light Needs : Partial Sun
  • Water Needs : Moderate
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Donut Type
Botanical Name Asteraceae
Brand N/A
Rose Class N/A
Best Seller N/A
Size No
Mature Height 2 Feet or less
Mature Spread 1 - 2 Feet
Foliage Color White
Flower Color Blue, White
Bloom Time N/A
Light Needs Partial Sun
Habit N/A
Special Uses Long Bloom Season
Landscape Uses Mass Planting
Water Needs Moderate
Plant Type Annuals
Plant Subtype N/A
General Care The best season for Senetti® is spring blooming going into early summer, but of-course in some climates where frost do not occur it will safely grow through the winter months outside. After blooming has finished you can cut back the old blooms by removing 50% of the height of the plant, then re-pot the plant into a larger container and re-blooming will start again from 3-4 weeks time, provided the temperatures during the day and night time are kept as cool as possible as high temperatures of the summer months will stop the re-blooming (85-90°F)
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