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April Lawn & Garden Tips

In the Garden

  • Start Your Veggies. Now is the time to start tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant…all the vegetables you love to harvest come summer. When planting be sure to amend the native soil at a 50/50 ratio with Black Gold Planting Mix to break up the dense clay soil and add needed nutrients your veggies will need to produce an abundant harvest. If there's a late frost cover with frost cloth then remove first thing in the morning.
  • Color Your Garden. It's time to start replacing winter season color like pansies and cyclamen with spring annuals including geraniums, marigolds, and petunias for the sun and coleus, and green-leaf begonias for the shade. Plant in the garden, pots and hanging baskets.
  • Spring has Sprung! Plant just about anything your heart desires from shrubs including azaleas, gardenias, and boxwoods to spring flowering trees, Japanese Maples and more. Plant with confidence - all trees and shrubs from Pike Nurseries are guaranteed for life*!
  • Plant for Earth/Arbor Day. Show Mother Nature some love by planting a tree, shrub or a basket of flowers to celebrate.
  • Roses Starting to Bloom. Now is a great time to choose from over 50 types of roses that are starting to bloom. Choose from roses known for the fragrance, for cutting or landscape roses that require little care.
  • Plant Summer Blooming Bulbs. Begin planting summer blooming bulbs in late April like Gladiolus, Dahlias, and Caladiums for summer color.
  • Make Way for New Blooms. After blooming, prune early spring blooming shrubs like Forsythia, Azaleas (non-reblooming varieties) and Weigela so the current blooming plants can take over the show in the garden.
  • Keep Bulbs Clean and Happy. Remove faded flowers from daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, but let the foliage die naturally. Feed spring-flowering bulbs immediately after blooms have faded with 100% organic Dr. Earth Annual Bloom.

In the House

  • Home Inspection. Take a closer look at your houseplants. Prune, feed, and re-pot if the plant is getting crowded.
  • Re-evaluate Your Watering. Houseplants may need to be watered more frequently as your home receives more sun. If the leaves start to droop or wilt start watering more frequently.
  • Vacation Outdoors. The night time temperatures are now similar to the temperature in your home. If you brought houseplants in for the winter now is a perfect time to move them back outdoors for a spring/summer vacation.

For the Lawn

  • Feed and Trim Fescue. Feed Fescue lawns with Pike Lawn Fertilizer.
  • Got Crabgrass? If you missed applying a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer you're in luck. There's now Bonide Crabgrass Preventer Plus that eliminates existing crabgrass.
  • 50% Green is Time to Feed Warm Season Grasses. Fertilize Bermuda and Zoysia grasses with Pike Lawn Fertilizer when the grass is at least 50% green.

For the Birds

  • Feed the Birds. Make sure feeders are clean and keep full of bird food to encourage birds, including hummingbirds, coming back.
  • Time for a Bath. Birds need a water source for bathing and drinking. Place a birdbath in your garden to attract birds in your yard.