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fiddle leaf fig

Houseplants for High Light


Video: Houseplants for High Light 

If you are unsure of what kind of light an area receives try this simple sheet of paper test. Hold your hand about 8 inches above a sheet of white paper. If you can see a clearly defined shadow, then you have high light. Here is the perfect collection of houseplants for the high, indirect lit places of your home.


These low maintenance beauties are a great choice for the high light areas of your home! You can let them take a nice little vacation outdoors in the summer, and then bring them in when the weather gets cool. Great on their own or in container gardens.

fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle-Leaf Fig
These designer favorites are a gorgeous addition to your indoor oasis. Plant in well draining soil in an area with high, indirect light. Let the soil dry completely in between waterings.

spider plant

Spider Plant
One of the most adaptable houseplants and very easy to grow! It is also known for its air purifying qualities, making it a healthy addition. Pet friendly.


Known for their bright green, coin-shaped leaves. They grow well in dry conditions and are fast-growing. Low maintenance and perfect for beginners


Air Plants
These unique and low maintenance plants are great for beginners or those with a black thumb. There are many different shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Simply place in an area with high, indirect light and spritz with water twice a week.


These unique houseplants adds texture and interest with their thick, green foliage and colorful bracts in shades of pink, orange, purple and red.