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Types of Camellias

Camellias for 6 Months of Blooms

Camellias are a great addition to your outdoor oasis! They provide a lovely pop of color late fall through early spring. Camellia Sasanqua bloom November through January and Camellia Japonica bloom January through March. Plant both varieties for six months full of blooms in rich shades of pink, red, white and more.

Camellia Sasanqua

These gorgeous, evergreen shrubs are great in the landscape as foundation plants or in containers. Their show-stopping flowers bloom October through January in an array of colors from rich red to crisp white. Their deep green, glossy foliage is evergreen, providing year-round vigor. Camellia Sasanqua are more sun tolerant than other varieties..

a close up of a flower

Varieties of Camellia Sasanqua

shishi gashira

Shishi Gashira
This adaptable performer displays abundant, hot-pink, semi-double blooms with golden yellow stamens in the center amongst dark green foliage. A perfect cut flower! A great choice for a colorful low hedge or high-profile groundcover. They grow moderately at 4-5 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide. Spreading habit. Plant in partial sun.


Frilly white, semi-double blooming camellia with glossy, dark green foliage - great for a cutting garden. They have a short form with a spreading habit that makes them perfect for smaller gardens. A mid-season bloomer with rounded growth. A slow grower, reaching 4-5 feet tall and wide. Plant in partial sun.

yuletide camellia

Stunning single, bright red blooms are centered with bright yellow stamens. This gorgeous evergreen shrub makes a great foundation plant, natural hedge, or even as an accent in a container. Grows to be 8-10 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide. Plant in partial sun.

Camellia Japonica

These stunning, evergreen shrubs are the perfect addition to your landscape. Their magnificent blooms flower January through March in many different shades of white, pink and red. Their deep green, glossy foliage is evergreen making them a year-round showstopper in your outdoor oasis. They thrive in partial shade.

camellia japonica

Varieties of Camellia Japonica

glen 40 camellia japonica

Glen 40
Spectacular, cherry red, double blooms contrast beautifully against dark green, glossy foliage. A gorgeous, colorful accent for the shady areas of your landscape. A mid to late season bloomer. Grows 6-8 feet tall and wide. Plant in partial shade.

dads pink camellia japonica

Dad's Pink
Abundant large pink, double blooms that are striped with deep red. They bloom February through April. The glossy, oval foliage forms an upright dense bush, which can be pruned to shape. Grows to be 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Plant partial shade.

white empress camellia japonica

White Empress
Features stunning 4-5 inch semi-double flowers with fluted pure white petals and bright yellow stamens. Blooms January through March. Grows to be 10-15 feet tall and 5-10 feet wide. Plant in partial shade.

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