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How To
Create a Terrarium 


Creating a Terrarium

What is a Terrarium?

  • Terrariums are mini gardens that create their own little ecosystem
  • Terrariums are typically planted in some type of clear glass container

How to Build a Terrarium

  1. Choose a glass container. There are many different types of glass containers that you can use for a terrarium, from a large cylinder to a small glass bowl shape.
  2. Place a layer of charcoal in the vessel. The charcoal will help absorb any extra moisture and eliminate any odors.
  3. Add a 1-inch layer of decorative rock or gravel. Part of the beauty of terrariums is that you can see all the different layers. You can play with the depth of the layers to create more interest.
  4. Add a 2-3 inch layer of potting soil.
  5. Choose the plants for your terrarium. We have a great selection of 2-inch plants that are perfect for terrariums. Vary the plants to get different textures and foliage colors.
  6. Add sand, decorative rock, moss, or fairies, and have fun mixing these decorative elements. You can create pathways or make different designs.
  7. Water your terrarium so the soil is moist to the touch; you don't want to see standing water. You'll probably need to water your terrarium every 10-14 days. Place your terrarium in an area that receives bright light but not direct sun.