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Lawn & Garden Tips

In the Garden

  • Color in Your Garden & Pots. Keep your garden and pots colorful with winter-blooming pansies, violas, helleborus and more.
  • Time to Prune Now is a good time to prune overgrown trees and shrubs like Abelia, Beautyberry, Clethra, Nandina, Gardenia, Roses, Boxwood, and Holly. You can also trim back hydrangeas that bloom on new wood, like Arborscens Paniculata varieties. Be sure not to prune spring-flowering trees and shrubs like Dogwoods, Flowering Cherries, and Azaleas - wait until they are done blooming to prune them. Have any questions? Stop by Pike Nurseries and our certified plant professionals can help you with pruning tips and best practices!
  • Color for the Landscape. No need for your landscape to experience the winter blues. Plant winter-blooming shrubs like camellia, Witch Hazel and more.
  • Plant & Transplant trees and shrubs. Winter allows you to see the backbone of the landscape. Plants can easily be planted and transplanted so they can develop their root system before the Southern summer heat arrives.
  • Rake the leaves. Not only do leaves and debris look messy but they can cause diseases in the lawn and garden.
  • Protect Plants for the Cold. If a freeze is expected, make sure that the soil around all outdoor plants has been watered well. Plants in containers can be grouped close together on a porch or patio or moved to a protected area. Be sure tender plants, such as pansy beds or emerging bulb foliage, are mulched well with pine straw or bark.
  • Need a landscape overhaul? Book a landscape design by Pike Nurseries. A local Pike designer will walk your space discussing your lifestyle and preferences. Book now so you're ready for spring planting.

In the House

  • Good Bye Christmas It's time to take down the Christmas tree and decorations. Fill the void with houseplants.
  • Brighten up your home or office with houseplants. Houseplants are the hottest garden trend with a movement towards architectural houseplants. Choose from the trending Fiddleleaf Fig or pilea peperomiodes or the shapely calathea, alocasia, zz plant or sanseveria. Our Certifed Plant Professionals can help you select a houseplant that will thrive.
  • Houseplants without Soil. Get the ultimate in low-care gardening with tillandsia, often called air plants. These beauties come in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect as accents on a coffee table or in a glass vessel with moss.
  • Turn your Plants Turn houseplants halfway so they don't grow too much toward the light.

For the Lawn

  • Mower Maintenance Now is a good time to clean and maintain your lawnmower and other gardening equipment.

For the Birds

  • Feed the Birds Food sources are scarce at this time of year. Besides seeds, suet cakes will attract many birds and provide the calories they need to maintain their body heat.
  • Keep Birdbaths Full The birds are counting on you for freshwater, not frozen. Add a water wiggler to birdbaths to prevent the water from freezing.