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a green plant in a garden

June Lawn & Garden Tips

In the Garden

  • Plant More Garden Color. Plant Hydrangeas and Crape Myrtles now. They are blooming, so it is easy to see what color you are planting! Continue planting Gladioli bulbs each week, through mid-June, for a succession of blooms.
  • Fresh Herbs for Cooking. Plants herbs in a sunny spot close to your kitchen door. Basil, Oregano, Thyme, and Rosemary are easy to grow and great for cooking.
  • Keep the Veggies Going. In the vegetable garden pull spent plants, re-till the soil working in Dr. Earth's root zone fertilizer, and plant your second crops.
  • More Color Please. Fertilize flower beds with Dr. Earth's Rose & Flower food.
  • Keep it Clean by Pruning. Prune arborvitaes, junipers, yews, and hemlocks and clean up spent foliage of spring bulbs once the foliage has completely died back. Cut back bearded iris and divide.
  • Mulch, Mulch, Mulch. Mulch to keep weeds down and increase water retention in the garden.
  • A Beautiful Garden with Less Water. During dry weather, be sure to keep the garden adequately watered. A weekly deep, thorough soaking is more beneficial than a daily light sprinkling. Water between 6-10am to avoid evaporation.

In the House

  • Water While You're Away. Add SoilMoist to pots. The granules absorb water and release it as needed.
  • Feeding Time. Continue feeding your houseplants monthly. We suggest Bonide Liquid Houseplant Food.

For the Lawn

  • Water your lawn in the early morning. Turf will have time to dry off before night, preventing disease.
  • Lay Sod. Now is the perfect time to sod your entire yard or replace dead patches.
  • Move it Up and Keep It Sharp. Raise the mower blade up a notch and sharpen the blade. Taller grass can withstand dry weather and a grass blade with a clean-cut needs less water.
  • Keep it Green. Keep Fertilizing bermuda lawns
  • Prevent Diseases. Apply Bonide's Infuse to warm-season grasses to prevent or control diseases in your lawn.

For the Birds

  • Bath Time. Keep birdbaths clean and full, especially this time of year.
  • Food Please. While the garden provides a good amount of food for the birds, supplement their meals by keeping feeders full.