DIY - Indoor Fall Container Garden

Bring fall colors indoors with this simple, autumn-inspired container garden! 

Indoor Project

Step 1:
Find a spot in your home with bright, indirect sunlight.

Step 2: Choose a large pot that is 16 inches in diameter with drainage holes.

Step 3: Fill the container about 2/3 full with Pike's Potting & Container Soil.

Step 4: Mix in a handful of Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer.

Step 6: Remove plants from their container & gently place plants according to the diagram below.

Step 8: Add more soil making sure to fill in the gaps between plants & water well.

Care Instructions:
 This container does not need an abundance of water to thrive. All of these plants need the soil to feel fairly dry before they need a drink. To avoid over-watering, only water when the soil feels dry several inches below the surface. Feeling the soil regularly for moisture levels is important to understand your plant's watering needs. Fertilize monthly with houseplant food & keep away from cooling & heating vents. 

Shopping List

1 - Sansevieria 6" - Plant (A)

1 - Croton 6" - Plant (B)

1 - Red Anthurium 6" - Plant (C)

1 - Cordyline 'Red Star' 6" - Plant (E)

3 - Pothos 4" - Plant (D)

1 - 16-inch wide glazed pot

1 - Bag Pike Potting & Container Soil

1 - Bag Dr. Earth's Root Zone Fertilizer

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